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Why is Uptime and Stability so important in Security?

by Geny Caloisi

Maintaining high server uptime and consistent stability requires careful planning, redundancy, monitoring, and proactive maintenance – something that is very important in the Security Industry.

That’s where Webeye Limited steps in – our PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering, webeyeCMS, is a versatile Cloud Based Alarm Monitoring platform that takes the hassle out of managing alarms and offers a highly reliable service level, achieving over 99.9% uptime.

WebeyeCMS delivers a lightning-fast service by leveraging our bespoke, automatically scaling infrastructure, which allows us to seamlessly scale up when traffic is high and down when traffic is quieter without any impact on the customer experience.

Chris Coughlin, Webeye’s Commercial Director for Software and Services, comments, “We currently work with hundreds of companies around the world who are able to maximise their business operations by leveraging the power of webeyeCMS in the cloud. Our unique billing model allows customers only to incur costs when they are charging customers and pay nothing when they aren’t.”

How does webeyeCMS achieve over 99.9% reliability?

With webeyeCMS being hosted in AWS (Amazon Web Services), webeyeCMS can leverage its infrastructure to deliver exceptional uptime and stability to our customers, comparable to that of a Tier 3 Data Centre (one of the highest levels possible).

With the mix of bespoke infrastructure and AWS, webeyeCMS can deliver less than 90 minutes of disruption in a rolling 12-month period – a staggering 99.982% of the time, it’s disruption-free.

Chris Coughlin, Webeye’s Commercial Director for Software and Services, comments, “Coming from a background in ARC’s (Alarm Receiving Centres), uptime is incredibly important. In the event of a downtime incident in an ARC, the trigger point for Disaster Recovery doesn’t kick in until 60 minutes. webeyeCMS immediately start responding to a potential downtime event as soon as it’s detected, due to every element of our infrastructure being constantly monitored”.

Constant monitoring

webeyeCMS is backed by a comprehensive monitoring system that is directly linked to its own infrastructure.

It continuously tracks the performance and health of;

  • Web Interface
  • Databases
  • Load Balancers
  • Servers
  • Receivers (individual hardware/software services)

And generates real-time alerts to notify Webeye’s infrastructure team of any anomalies or potential issues, which is updated in real-time on Webeye’s public-facing status page https://webeyecms.com/status

Maintaining robust infrastructure monitoring protects the platform from potential issues, which is critical to maintaining such a high level of service, and it’s what webeyeCMS customers rely on to deliver service to their customers.

Customers first

Customer experience is the core of what webeyeCMS do – delivering an industry-leading platform is important, but dovetailing it with award-winning customer support is equally important.

Webeye’s customer support is one of its key value-adding benefits. The support includes platform and product training, plus troubleshooting of systems that have gone into fault. This is particularly important for older legacy systems that may have lost their manufacturer support due to becoming End of Life.

By combining these measures, a central monitoring platform like webeyeCMS can strive to provide its users with a constant and reliable service that’s backed by both Hardware and Software Technical Support, delivering an exceptional wraparound experience.

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