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Videofied 4G with webeyeCMS for lightning alarm speed

by Geny Caloisi

Webeye now offers Videofied 4G in the UK, the wire-free battery-operated video alarm system. Videofied 4G is ideal for protecting remote and harsh environments because all system components operate on batteries, allowing for wireless video security.

Videofied 4G is a resourceful self-powered security solution for commercial, residential and government customers. Videofied 4G panels, the XT-IP240 and XTO-IP240, have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by Webeye Development, Technical and QA teams.

Webeye’s well-trained support team is on hand to answer any questions and will even guide you to ensure all components work straight out of the box.

Any installer specifying Videofied 4G with webeyecms, Webeye’s cloud solution, gets a versatile alarm and monitoring platform and the assistance of Webeye’s well-trained support team. Webeye puts its expertise at its clients’ service, answering simple questions with a step-by-step guide to ensure all components work straight out of the box.

Videofied is greatly enhanced by connecting to the webeyecms cloud video alarm monitoring platform, allowing the new 4G Videofied panel and the older panels to be potentially remotely woken up. Using a 3/4G mobile network to transmit alarm and video signals to an alarm receiving centre (ARC), the system comes fully installed with a 2-year warranty and requires no mains power. In addition, Webeye takes care of pre-configuring the system before installation, making it a quick and easy way to secure valuable assets, construction sites, remote buildings and property.

Once triggered, Videofied 4G with webeyecms delivers an alarm notification and a video clip to the right people within seconds. The indoor and outdoor PIRs have integrated cameras which generate 10-second video clips upon activation.

Incorporating Videofied 4G products with the webeyecms cloud alarm platform allows stakeholders to receive video clips and alarms directly through their smartphones and/or to a control room. There, an operator can view and manage alarms from a web browser (no expensive hardware or software required).

There is a simultaneous and virtually instantaneous notification of an alarm being raised to all recipients. If no one acknowledges the notification, webeyecms will resend it every 10 minutes for up to two hours or until someone accepts it.

Once woken up ‘without’ having to visit the site, the operator can:

  • Arm/disarm the entire panel
  • Arm/disarm partitions
  • Request remote snapshots from both the external OMV and internal IMV cameras.
  • Force the panel to connect so you can call our technical support team for re-configuration of the panel. For example, schedule changes, retrieval of the event log etc.

Webeye not only stocks and sells Videofied but also offers:

  • Demonstrations
  • Training on Videofied
  • Technically support Videofied (8 am – 10 pm Mon/Fri UK)
  • Enhance the product with hardware and software improvements

Webeye’s Frontel servers are already up and running in one of the company’s cloud load balancers and server clusters, linked through webeyecms Video Alarm Management software. Also, a live Link option is available for on-demand arm/disarm and snapshot downloads along with Webeye’s TMT server and Mobile App.

To complete the rapid deployment picture, Webeye plans to include a new solar battery module with GPS Tracking, Battery & Cell Signal metrics.

Videofied 4G, combined with webeyecms’ unique escalation process, offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to avoid false alarms and unnecessary dispatch. Thanks to its automated alarm reception, handling, and alerting process, it can serve as a monitoring station.

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