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Beyond CCTV, how Hikvision AI-powered solutions bring a new dimension

by Geny Caloisi
Technological advances mean that the security industry now enjoys the highest levels of sensitivity, bandwidth and resolution – no longer is one aspect more important than the other. However, to significantly change security effectiveness for organisations and end users, the industry needs solutions beyond CCTV; looking into Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Mobile solutions is the way forward.

Flexibility is also an essential aspect that needs to be considered. The video security industry should not be any different from other industries. People are becoming more digital in their everyday lives, from online banking to shopping and communicating through social media instead of traditional texts or phones.

It is becoming increasingly popular to be able to access cameras from smartphones instead of having to go to a control room. However, monitoring cameras 24/7 is costly and inefficient financially. Mobile apps offer security buyers round-the-clock access without human intervention, and manufacturers shouldn’t ignore this when developing solutions.

As technology advances, artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in increasingly diverse ways to automate security measures. As a result, business owners can solve complex issues or do tedious tasks with little effort using AI in various scenarios nowadays.

AI-powered applications are increasingly popular, including alerts for automated events, false alarm reduction, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and people counting.

Security professionals must provide innovative solutions with artificial intelligence features to be competitive. Hikvision offers a wide range of AI-powered AcuSense technology and DeepinView and DeepinMind products to help these companies overcome common and unique challenges. Using AI-powered AcuSense technology, these products automate security protection and business operations.

Enhanced efficiency with DeepinView and DeepinMind

Besides perimeter protection, businesses use AI-enhanced security cameras to help improve their daily operations. AI technology has shown promising potential to enhance intelligence and automate business processes with algorithms and computing power advances. As a consequence, a broader business scope opens up for security professionals.

Hikvision has developed DeepinMind NVRs with embedded Deep Learning algorithms, such as ANPR, people counting, and queue detection, which help businesses achieve intelligent surveillance.

Shopping centre operators, for example, can gain valuable insights from people counting in retail. To maintain crowd density control, it tracks customer footfall patterns to predict when a rush of visitors is likely to occur. Detecting queues can also notify cashiers before customers lose patience by calculating how long people are waiting.

Managing vehicle flow and parking is another scenario where these solutions can be helpful. It is especially difficult to manage parking at apartment buildings, office towers, and business parks.

Through Deep Learning, cameras with ANPR capture license plates, rendering the letters and numbers in sharp detail. These cameras are installed at parking entrances and exits to open or close gates and notify staff when needed automatically.

Several AI-powered Deep Learning algorithms are now integrated into parts of Hikvision’s DeepinView series cameras. Switching algorithms can combine five or six unique cameras in one housing. In addition, algorithms can be enabled manually for dedicated use, then switched to another algorithm as needed.

Secure perimeters with AcuSense

Motion detection, line crossing, and intrusion detection are some of the features that video content analysis enables in conventional perimeter security solutions. Still, when animals, shadows, or other natural movements are detected, all of these can easily trigger false alarms. This means that security personnel have to investigate and deal with each one individually, potentially delaying a valid alarm response and affecting efficiency in general. In the event of a false alarm, a smart perimeter security solution that can identify and react in real-time to perimeter breaches can be helpful.

AcuSense technology from Hikvision supports faster, more effective responses to security incidents with advanced AI features. Hikvision AcuSense is an intelligent analysis technology based on deep learning algorithms. AcuSense reduces false positives for customers by distinguishing between humans, vehicles and other moving objects. In addition, by automating video searches, they can save hours of manual video review time and verify real security threats immediately.

AcuSense technology is used across Hikvision’s security ecosystem, from cameras to NVRs, and DVRs. Simple to install and configure, security professionals can offer their customers smarter perimeter protection quickly and easily.

HikCentral Professional unified management

Bringing the solution full circle, Hikvision’s unified software, HikCentral Professional, offers security professionals and customers the possibility to easily manage multiple products and systems on the same platform simultaneously.

Users can tailor HikCentral Professional to meet their business and security needs by integrating applications. By integrating disparate systems, the unified approach provides greater situational awareness and reduces day-to-day management resources previously required.

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