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Ajax provides efficient warehouse protection

by Geny Caloisi

Dutch parts and accessories supplier Kramp to Europe’s agricultural sector relied on its vast product range and robust infrastructure for success. With 11 distribution centres and 24 sales offices strategically located across Europe, Kramp ensured prompt deliveries and localised customer support.

The company was founded in 1951 with the goal of simplifying the work of those who work on the land. Kramp has a staggering 590,000+ products, ranging from tractor gears to stable shovels.

Facing the need for a temporary warehouse security upgrade to meet Grade 2 insurance requirements, Kramp sought a solution that balanced reliability with swift installation to avoid disrupting operations. Installer Lankhof Beveiliging proposed Ajax wireless systems.

Balancing reliability and installation speed in a temporary warehouse security upgrade
Kramp rented a warehouse covering an area of over 5,000 m2 for approximately three years with a security system installed. However, it must be updated to fulfil the Grade 2 insurance requirements. Therefore, the client decided to replace a security system and, at the same time, wanted to install a fire alarm system.

Ajax wireless systems were installed at the client’s temporary warehouse to address the requirements for a convenient and flexible solution. Lankhof Beveiliging’s chosen solution involved implementing the Hub 2 Plus Jeweller control panel.

It has four communication channels (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and two SIM cards) and supports LTE and photo verification. With such a configuration, up to 200 devices can be added to the hub, making it a perfect fit for a large facility. Integration with the client’s LAN network ensured compliance with reporting to the central monitoring station.

The business premises were equipped with 14 FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/Smoke) Jeweller fire detectors. MultiTransmitter Jeweller is now equipped with third-party long-beam fire detectors in larger spaces. Third-party fire detectors were easily connected thanks to the module’s 18 wired zones and five types of contact.

DoorProtect Jeweller opening detectors were installed on pedestrian doors for intrusion prevention, while MotionCam Jeweller detectors were strategically placed for movement detection. Integration with third-party contacts on vehicle overhead doors seamlessly enhanced security.

Fire safety was addressed with FireProtect 2 RB Jeweller fire detectors and third-party long-beam detectors connected to MultiTransmitter Jeweller modules. This comprehensive system offered complete intrusion and fire protection with easy configuration and management through the Ajax app.

Ajax wireless devices proved ideal for Kramp’s temporary setup, offering quick installation, compliance with insurance requirements, and easy relocation capabilities. The Jeweller radio protocol facilitated hassle-free implementation in the expansive warehouse, ensuring reliable long-distance communication.

In conclusion, Kramp successfully upgraded its temporary warehouse security with a flexible, quick-to-install Ajax wireless solution, ensuring uninterrupted operations while meeting insurance standards.

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