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Videx Security Launches VX2300 2-Wire Video System Digital Panel

by Geny Caloisi

Access control manufacturer Videx Security announced a new 4312 Series entry panel for its VX2300 2-wire video system. This addition highlights Videx’s commitment to providing advanced entry solutions that meet the needs of modern residential and commercial buildings. 

With several innovative features, the 4312 Series entry panel combines security with user interaction. Key features include a backlit keypad with additional alpha keys (A-F) for direct apartment dialling or name scrolling. A customisable graphical LCD display enhances visitor interaction and feedback.

Equipped with a wide-angle CMOS camera and voice annunciation capabilities, the 4312 Series panel ensures visitors are both seen and heard clearly, announcing call progress and extending an invitation to enter. This digital panel is designed for versatility, complementing new and existing VX2300 systems and supporting up to 998 apartments.

Regarding access control, the panel offers coded access for up to 2800 4-6 digit codes and Mifare proximity for a similar number of users, with an additional layer of security through a combined code+Fob mode.

Rob Sands, Technical Director at Videx, said: “Our new 4312 entry panel integrates cutting-edge features such as Mifare proximity and a wide-angle camera into a compact, vandal-resistant design. This panel enhances building security and offers unparalleled ease of use and visitor interaction, marking a new era for the VX2300 system.”

The intercom panel features a compact design, a wide-angle CMOS camera, backlit keys, and voice annunciation. The panel is powered directly from the 2-wire bus, simplifying installation.

Videx’s VX2300 system is known for its flexibility. It allows integration with a variety of door panels, videophones, video monitors, and concierge units through a single pair of cables. The new 4312 panel is customisable and programmable through its user interface and PC software, featuring USB, RS485, and Wiegand interfaces for comprehensive control.

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