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FireProtect 2: Accuracy through steam, dust, and time

by Geny Caloisi

Ajax Systems has launched the new FireProtect 2 lineup of fire detectors, which feature a dustproof smoke chamber and long-lasting battery life.

Sergii Shcherbakov, Product Manager, Ajax Fire Team, says, “Due to the wide application of the FireProtect detectors, we gathered valuable experience in fire safety. And what do we see? We see the overregulated and inert markets. We see the same players who do not risk changing their products for years. We see how professionals work with outdated equipment and how users get minimal fire protection and the same minimal features. We’ve accepted the challenge and devoted a year to developing a fire safety road map in an Ajax system.”

This product, which was first previewed in October 2022, meets the requirements of EN 14604:2005/AC:2008, EN 50291-1:2018, and Q mark regulations and fulfils the needs of the growing EU residential fire safety market. Ajax offers sealed battery detectors in the Netherlands, Germany, and Scandinavian countries, where many households use gas and other fuels to heat their homes.

There are two types of enclosures in the FireProtect 2 lineup. Sensor combinations vary based on size. Detectors with bigger enclosures include a smoke chamber and a temperature sensor; an advanced version includes a CO sensor. Smaller models have no smoke chamber and up to two sensors: a temperature sensor and a CO sensor.

Detectors also have different battery options. The RB models feature replaceable batteries that provide up to 7 years of operation, and SB models work ten years from sealed batteries (can’t be replaced, require entire detector replacement).

FireProtect 2 was developed by a dedicated team of developers over the course of one year. This smoke detector has a unique, patented smoke chamber that is dustproof and insect-resistant. FireProtect 2 has a dual-spectrum optical sensor in the smoke chamber that can distinguish smoke from water steam, thanks to the blue and infrared LEDs.

Even if, somehow, the dust gets into and settles in the smoke chamber, it does not affect the detection. The optical system is designed so that dust and insects cannot be in two beams simultaneously and thereby cause an alarm. Moreover, the updated HazeFlow 2 software algorithm processes data received from the sensors, reducing the risk of false alarms to almost zero.

To distinguish the temperature spike quickly, detectors are equipped with two thermistors. They give a significant advantage when synthetic materials burn.

The extended version — with an additional carbon monoxide sensor — detects the CO concentration at a 50 ppm level. And the built-in 85 dB buzzer alerts about the high level of CO with a different sound. So the type of danger is immediately clear.

With years of operation from replaceable or sealed batteries, FireProtect 2 hardware ensures accurate and robust fire safety.


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