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Ajax Battery-Operated Security Solution

by Geny Caloisi

Ajax’s battery-operated security solution offers comprehensive protection and innovative features to ensure peace of mind for users and security companies, even with no power supply.

Consider some possible scenarios such as RVs, caravans, yachts, or even deserted residences—each has vulnerable yet often overlooked security considerations. With its suite of battery-operated security solutions, Ajax offers solutions against intrusions, fires, floods, and environmental anomalies in these atypical settings.

Ajax employs proprietary technology to detect threats effectively, using two-way radio or wired communication to thwart jamming attempts and ensure uninterrupted connectivity. With a wireless range of up to 2,000 meters and signal range extenders capable of covering vast areas, Ajax systems provide security and a versatile solution suitable for various environments, from residential properties to expansive commercial facilities.

Key to Ajax’s versatility is its compatibility with power supply units (PSUs) such as the 6V PSU, 12V PSU, and 12-24V PSU, designed to cater to different voltage requirements. These PSUs enable seamless integration of Ajax hubs and range extenders with external power sources or low-voltage grids, facilitating long-term operation even in locations with limited access to conventional power outlets.

For properties with unstable power supply or those temporarily uninhabited, such as empty houses or construction sites, Ajax offers tailored security solutions powered by its battery-operated system. By connecting the hub to an external battery via the 6V PSU, users can ensure continuous monitoring and timely alerts in case of security breaches or environmental hazards.

Moreover, Ajax’s recent OS Malevich 2.19 release introduces enhanced features like Photo by Schedule, allowing for scheduled photo capture by MotionCam detectors, further enhancing security monitoring capabilities.

Beyond traditional applications, Ajax’s flexibility extends to diverse settings, including warehouses, vehicles, and maritime vessels. By leveraging compatible PSUs, businesses can safeguard assets, personnel, and cargo in transit, mitigating risks and minimising potential losses due to theft, vandalism, or environmental hazards.

The battery-operated security solution and the range of PSUs present a significant opportunity for security companies and installers to expand their offerings. By embracing innovation and adapting to customer needs, security companies and installers can achieve superior security solutions tailored to diverse requirements.

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