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Hanwha Techwin Europe partners with NXGEN Technology

by Geny Caloisi

Hanwha Techwin, a global leader in video surveillance products and solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with NXGEN Technology AG, a Swiss-based start-up that focuses on scalable alarm and event management. In particular, the partnership will benefit monitoring stations where real-time event management and alerts are critical. 

With the security landscape becoming ever more complex with multiple systems and devices required to work seamlessly together – including video, the Internet of Things, access control, perimeter detection, and more – the partnership between Hanwha and NXGEN aims to simplify this with the development of a single interface to connect all Hanwha Techwin video solutions with other systems using the NXG GENESIS cloud-based event and alarm management platform.

Hanwha and NXGEN are already working together on several installations across Europe for large well-known organisations that require a single management system for all their video devices. The integrated solution can scale across complex installations utilising multi-vendor devices.

Stéphane Verment, Co-Founder at NXGEN Technology AG, “We founded NXGEN Technology AG in recognition of companies’ increasingly complex security needs, as they added more advanced devices to their security tech stack. This partnership with Hanwha Techwin recognises a clear need for operators to have a timely, easy way to respond to alarms and stop intruders in their tracks before they can do any damage.”

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