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Low Frame Rate cameras added to Hanwha’s Thermal range

by Geny Caloisi
Hanwha Vision Europe has launched three new additions to the Wisenet T range, the TNO-L3030T, TNO-L4030T, and TNO-L4030TR. Because these thermal cameras have a low frame rate of 8fps, they are exempt from Regulation (EU) 2021/821 and the Wassenaar Arrangement, so they can be delivered very quickly.  They come with a maximum of 320×240 (QVGA) and 640×480 (VGA) resolution support and a built-in 13.7/13 mm fixed lens.

Thermal cameras provide clear daytime and nighttime detection, vivid colour palettes, and on-screen displays to monitor the temperature visually. They are ideal for manufacturing and industrial facilities, air and seaports, and mining areas, despite fog, smoke, rain, and different lighting conditions such as complete darkness or backlighting. Users can detect incidents more easily with high-contrast images clearly displaying temperature differences between objects and backgrounds. In this way, unseen details are made visible without the need for additional lighting.

Wisenet thermal cameras offer seven different types of colour palettes, allowing users to select the best image for any given scenario. These features allow operators to protect a wide range of environments against safety hazards and intruders. Any incidents involving extreme temperatures and equipment failures can be detected quickly in industrial settings.

The thermal cameras have edge-based video and audio analytics for extra operational efficiency and situational awareness. Operators can be alerted to abnormal sounds, such as screaming or possible aggression, when they detect sound classification based on frequency. Motion detection, appear/disappear, enter/exit and virtual line sends an alert when objects enter and move through a defined space. In addition to detecting possible tampering, the cameras also have shock detection capabilities. Objects sitting idle for an extended period of time are also detected as loiterers.

Additionally, the TNO-L3030T, TNO-L4030T, and TNO-L4030TR come with Hallway View and WiseStreamII compression technology.

To find out more about the Wisenet T Range cameras, TNO-L3030T, TNO-L4030T, and TNO-L4030TR, click here


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