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PACOM embraces IoT

by Geny Caloisi

PACOM Solutions, a provider of access control and security management solutions, has carried out a significant research and development program to redefine what’s possible in security integration management without any legacy restrictions, including the internet of things (IoT).

PACOM’s security system infrastructure allows data from hundreds of locations to be aggregated and analyzed and supplied to other corporate systems.

For example, a large customer in Europe is using the PACOM system backnet integration to collect electrical usage data from all their locations and supply it to a corporate system that is tracking their green initiatives.

Smart IoT sensors, such as those found in intrusion detection, access control, audio, video, and building management systems, provide valuable business intelligence, operational insights, and efficiencies.

PACOM solutions say that its highly reliable platform with access control integrated with intrusion alarms can capture passive motion detectors and use them as an alarm input when armed. The same device can be a door release during normal store operating hours – eliminating the need for redundant devices.

The PACOM system keypad can be used for alarm and access control and combined with a reader to provide multi-factor security. The alarm system can be monitored by any Contact-ID capable third-party provider, and the versatile PACOM GMS software provides the user a single platform to install, configure, and manage both intrusion and access control functions. This makes for simpler installation and maintenance and a proven, cost-effective solution for retail operations.

Richard Joslin, PACOM Senior Director of Sales, noted, “We are exhibiting at The Security Event to engage with our integration partners and end users. This solution is a centrally controlled integrated security management platform that is intelligent, user-friendly and highly cost-effective. It is a great fit for customers with single sites, hundreds of sites or large campus environments.”


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