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Huntsville, Arkansas School District Uses Net2 to Secure State-of-the-Art Activity Center

by Geny Caloisi

Huntsville School District’s new AT and Georgia Mae Smith Activity Centre has been designed to serve as the district’s hub for student activities. Located on a remote site that’s home to the Huntsville Eagles Sports Complex, it is the future location that will house the district’s football and track stadiums, baseball facilities, activity centre, and other buildings that will host activities and high school graduations.

When considering an access control solution, safety was the top priority. With Paxton’s Net2 already installed on other school buildings elsewhere, the district had a pretty good idea of what type and method of access control they wanted. A major goal was securing the premises and channelling people into and out of different activity centres.

The district installed Paxton’s Net2 access control system, which is user-friendly and flexible. Installing and configuring the system proved that it is designed to simplify site management.

Net2 allowed the district granular control over its security, especially regarding access control.

They can manage who has access to certain doors at specific times. For instance, they can limit access to contractors who work from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm to where they have no access on weekends or evenings.

With the addition of PaxLock, the wireless, electronic battery-powered door handles have also been beneficial. The activity centre contains specific areas where installing a traditional hardwired system is not convenient or feasible. PaxLock makes securing those areas easy.

Net2 and PaxLock have allowed the Huntsville School District to customise access control to suit their specific needs – making the activity centre a safe and secure place for their students and staff.

Bailey Cotton, Director of Technology at Huntsville School District, said: “I appreciate everything Paxton has offered us regarding security and access control. We highly recommend Paxton and any time a school asks what we use for access control; we encourage them to explore Paxton because it’s been such a great solution and experience for us. The flexibility of integrating other features and systems with Paxton is a no-brainer.”


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