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Paxton Test Facility rebranded to Brighton EMC

by Geny Caloisi

Brighton EMC is the new customer-facing brand for The Paxton Test Facility. The established test house provides UKAS-accredited EMC environment testing services to electronic product manufacturers.

Brett Glass, Compliance Manager at Brighton EMC, said: “Rebranding to Brighton EMC gives us greater visibility and recognition as an independent UKAS accredited test facility, providing reliable EMC ( Electromagnetic compatibility) testing and testing services to manufacturers.

“UKAS accreditation provides confidence to external customers of a commitment to quality and service improvement.”

UKAS accreditation confirms that Brighton EMC meets the ISO 17025 standard for Laboratory Accreditation, with the added benefit of short lead times.

Brett said: “On occasion, we have instant availability, and even during busy periods, our waiting time is only up to 4 weeks, which is shorter than the national 6-to-8-week waiting list.

“We have experienced engineers at our facility to support customers and raise suggestions based on their test results.”

Bramble Energy, a renewable energy innovator, tested their Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator at Brighton EMC to prepare for a planned product launch.

Thomas Wines, Senior Engineer at Bramble Energy, said: “The information and support given by the Brighton EMC test facility engineers was professional. The reports have been very helpful in gauging our status and planning further development work. They were sent through at lightning speed!

“The conversational testing process is why we chose to test our product there. We would recommend Brighton EMC, but we will regret it as they will get busier!”

Brighton EMC is located in Paxton’s Technology Centre in Brighton. In addition to EMC testing, they have Environmental Chambers to test the impact on products from environmental factors and equipment to carry out Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), surge, transients, and power quality tests.

Visit Brighton EMC’s website to book testing services.

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