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BT Redcare to cease operations in August 2025

by Geny Caloisi

On February 1st, 2024, customers of BT’s Redcare were told that the telecoms operator intended to close its BT Redcare service on August 1st, 2025 – the year of the PSTN switch-off. BT’s Redcare supplies monitored alarm signalling systems to UK homes and businesses, allowing fire, security, and many more to be monitored over a secure network.

Although it’s over a year away from completion, the decision sent ripples throughout the security sector, raising concerns among installers and Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) about the future of their installed connections.

In response to this development, CSL Group, a Critical IoT Connectivity Provider, which worked closely with BT Redcare has stepped forward to reassure stakeholders and outline its plans for a seamless transition.

CSL issued a statement on its website acknowledging the concerns within the industry and said, “We are continuing to assess the wider impact of this announcement, but our understanding is that all installed BT Redcare connections will need to be swapped out to alternative providers before the 1st of August 2025. This, understandably, will create great concern across the UK security industry, especially with Installers and ARCs.”

CSL is acutely aware of this transition’s challenges and the potential disruption it may cause. The company added, “We are working to finalise the details of our plan to ensure we can support all impacted Installers and ARCs, many of whom are existing CSL partners. We are committed to extending our current operation to ensure the alarm signalling ecosystem continues to receive the highest levels of service and support and that these changes do not negatively impact end-users.”

CSL recognises the situation’s urgency and actively addresses concerns and challenges arising from BT Redcare’s closure. The company is reviewing its stock management processes alongside its supplier partners to ensure they can efficiently adjust plans to deal with an expected increase in demand.

CSL encourages installers to review their engineer resources and processes to facilitate a smooth transition. This includes preparing for any required upgrades as part of a structured program alongside routine maintenance visits. By aligning efforts and planning strategically, CSL aims to minimise disruptions and ensure that end-users continue to receive uninterrupted security services.


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