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HID Mobile Solutions Leverage the Ubiquity of Mobile Devices Today

by Geny Caloisi
HID Mobile Access and Seos credential technology can now be leveraged as Employee Badge in Apple Wallet, by seamlessly integrating HID’s access control technology with Apple’s widely adopted mobile wallet platform.

HID’s ground breaking solution has been recognised by the industry, having been awarded the Benchmark Innovation Award 2023 on the Visitors Management category.

We asked Jaroslav Barton, HID Product Director, why this solution is worthy of the BIA2023 award.

“HID Mobile Access started its industry revolution 10 years ago. Now that mobile devices are essential components of most people’s daily lives, and because people always have their devices with them, leveraging them to access places and move around different parts of the building makes sense in terms of convenience and security,” explains Barton.

Using Employee Badge in Apple Wallet, employees can easily manage their credentials, eliminating the need to carry physical badges or keycards to access their workplace and beyond. This streamlined experience enhances user satisfaction and productivity. The integration uses the capabilities of Apple Wallet, such as biometric authentication, encryption, and secure storage, to enhance access control systems.

HID Mobile Access with Employee Badge in Apple Wallet deserves consideration for an innovation award due to several compelling reasons:

Enhanced security:  Biometric authentication, such as Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone adds an extra layer of security to verify the user’s identity. Additionally, the encryption technologies used in Apple Wallet ensure the secure storage and transmission of digital credentials.

Frictionless Experience: Thanks to NFC technology, users can access places quickly and safely. It’s as easy and secure as they’re used to contactless paying with Apple Pay.

Streamlined security: With Employee Badge in Apple Wallet, key distribution and management across the entire company are streamlined as there is no need to print physical keys for employees or guests.

  • Convenience and Uninterrupted Access: If the user’s iPhone needs a charge, their badge will still work for up to five hours with Power Reserve. With Express Mode, users don’t need to wake or unlock their device to use their employee badge — they can simply tap their device
  • Protection on lost or stolen devices: If the device is lost or stolen The Find My app allows users to lock or locate the lost or stolen device to help locate their device, as well as suspend or remotely erase their badge.
  • Reduced costs: Adopting HID Mobile Access with Apple Wallet eliminates the need for producing and distributing physical badges, reducing associated costs such as printing, maintenance, and replacement. This shift to digital credentials also aligns with sustainability goals by reducing plastic waste.
  • Improved efficiency and scalability: Remote management and updating of credentials are possible through HID Origo cloud platform. The modular, multilayered secure infrastructure is validated by industry-leading certifications and fully committed to via HID’s service level agreements and support. Using Origo’s cloud-connected access control devices, applications, and trusted mobile identities, organisations can enhance security, improve workplace efficiency, and scale their access control infrastructure.

“This solution allows organisations to sort out multiple cards, passes, and tickets in one digital wallet. This flexibility allows organisations to accommodate access credentials, including employee badges, event tickets, and transit passes, in a convenient platform,” Jaroslav adds.

Through the HID Origo cloud solution, IT departments or security teams can easily issue or revoke access, update access permissions, and monitor activity, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring efficient access control management.

Plastic waste can also be drastically minimised.

“The mobile solution makes it a very sustainable option, as plastic cards would not be required,” Jaroslav concludes.

By combining the strengths of HID’s access control expertise with the widespread adoption of Apple Wallet, HID Mobile Access support of Employee Badge in Apple Wallet showcases innovation on its enhanced security, improved user experience, cost savings, and sustainable practices.

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