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HID Launches Bamboo Access Security Cards 

by Geny Caloisi

According to reports, 30 million kg of PVC (one of the world’s most widely produced plastics) is used every year for credit and access cards worldwide. Unfortunately lots of these end up in landfill. HID has further committed to sustainability by launching a new highly durable and PVC-free credential, the Seos access security cards.

HID’s Seos Bamboo credentials are made from sustainably sourced bamboo instead of plastic and they are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). The credential is part of HID’s award-winning Seos security solution and is the first in a range of physical access security Eco Cards.

We met Spencer Marshall (pictured left), HID’s head of Europe for physical access control at IFSEC. He talked us through why Bamboo – and not recycled plastic or other materials; how does it fit on HID’s access cojntrol ecosystem and why now.

The beautiful, light and tactile bamboo cards come with HID’s Seos software-based access technology, providing best-in-class cryptography for reliable data protection. They work with a wide range of HID access control systems and applications. The cards are more durable than if they were made out of paper, coming with a three-year warranty.

We asked Spencer Marshall why doesn’t HID use recycled plastic and he said, “HID doesn’t use recycled plastic as extricating the security chip from plastic is much more difficult than from the bamboo vehicle. This makes it less sustainable.

“We source the bamboo for the cards from responsibly managed forests. This is part of HID’s commitment to continuous innovation without compromising security or the customer’s experience.”

Recent market reports, including HID’s State of Security and Identity Report, indicate that most organisations rank climate and sustainability as corporate priorities. As a result, they are turning to renewable and eco-friendly materials as much as possible, in addition to reducing energy consumption and waste.

HID has been working on creating alternatives to plastic for the past 10 years. Its most sustainable solution is, of course, HID Mobile Access, which is now available on Apple Wallet and in Google Wallet for Android users.

Introducing highly secure access cards made from bamboo—a renewable resource that grows quickly and requires less water and pesticides than traditional card materials—demonstrates HID’s continuous innovation without compromising security and customer experience. The new cards are Secure Identity Object (SIO)-enabled, allowing for multi-layered security beyond the card technology and protecting identity data from unauthorised access

Marshall explains, “Our clients still require access cards. Mobile access is being adopted, but mobile phones used for access are not a suitable option in some vertical markets, such as car manufacturers or the pharmaceutical industry. As an eco-friendly alternative to physical access cards, SEOS Bamboo offers a sustainable solution within physical access ecosystems.”

Seos Bamboo cards also support organisations seeking green building certifications, including the internationally accepted Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), and the Zero Waste to Landfill certification.

For more information on the new Seos Bamboo card,  Click here


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