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Why do we need environmentally friendly urban lighting?

by Geny Caloisi

To tackle the global energy and environment crisis, there are initiatives to use solar power lighting to provide a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution, which can help security applications. Solar power technologies ensure continuous operation, enhance safety, deters potential threats, and offer flexibility in installation and maintenance, making it an ideal choice for various security-sensitive environments.

Two companies leading the way in this area are Schréder and Sunna Design, who have joined forces to co-develop new solar lighting solutions that will accelerate the adoption of renewable energy and create safe night-time environments for communities worldwide – excluding North America.

Schréder, is an independent outdoor lighting solution provider based in Germany. Sunna Design, is an expert company in solar lighting and energy management. Through this partnership, Schreder will propose a full range of solar lighting solutions to its customers, with a portfolio of street lights powered by Sunna Design solutions. 

Werner de Wolf – Schréder CEO, comments, “Schréder believes that lighting can empower people, impact lives, support communities, and transform spaces, cities and the planet. With our partnership with Sunna Design, we are excited to deliver these sustainable lighting solutions that will benefit communities worldwide.”

The partners aim to provide affordable and sustainable lighting solutions that promote equity by creating safe and comfortable environments after dark for all citizens, even if the electricity grid is unavailable. With our solar energy lighting solutions, customers will be less vulnerable to energy price fluctuations and network disruption while alleviating pressure on energy demand.

With low installation and operating costs and a significantly reduced carbon footprint, these lighting solutions will provide communities with a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lighting. Added features like motion sensors would enable even more responsible and sustainable energy use. 

Solar-powered lighting operates on renewable energy, eliminating the ongoing costs associated with electricity consumption. Once installed, solar lighting systems require minimal maintenance, with the primary expense being the initial setup. This cost-effectiveness makes solar lighting a viable option for security applications, as it reduces long-term operational expenses and allows for the deployment of multiple lights across expansive areas without significant financial burden.

Ignace de Prest, Sunna Design CEO concludes, “Sunna Design is honoured to collaborate with an industry leader like Schréder and support them in converting their street lights to solar-powered solutions. We believe this partnership will be a key lever to amplify our mission to brighten and connect the world sustainably by bringing us closer to many customers and communities. It also demonstrates Sunna Design’s capacity to innovate with the most advanced technology and solutions and in the way to partner and go-to-market.”

Adequate lighting is a critical aspect of security systems as it deters criminal activities and improves safety. Solar-powered lights ensure that outdoor areas are well-illuminated during nighttime hours, reducing hiding spots and creating a sense of visibility and vigilance. Well-lit surroundings enhance personal safety, discourage unauthorised access, and improve surveillance capabilities, minimising security breaches’ risk.

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