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IDIS and APEX find affordable solutions for schools in Merseyside

by Geny Caloisi
IDIS and its integration partner Apex Network Solutions provided video surveillance solutions for two large high schools that form part of the Wade Deacon Trust across Merseyside.

Wade Deacon High School, one of the Trust’s largest schools, sought to overcome the shortcomings of its initial IP CCTV system, including high maintenance costs, poor usability, and variable image quality. The Apex team was challenged to deliver a solution with the lowest cost of ownership (TCO), minimal ongoing operating costs, and easy adaptability to meet future requirements.

Apex designed a seamless end-to-end and NDAA-compliant IDIS DirectIP® solution comprising three 32-channel 4K recorders and a mix of nearly ninety 5MP and 12MP IR domes, bullet, and fisheye cameras. The system is designed for unobtrusive coverage of corridors, indoor communal areas, entrances, building perimeters, and high-value sporting facilities that are vulnerable to vandalism out-of-hours. Every IDIS camera has the advantage of a plug-and-play setup, which allows the Apex engineers to complete the upgrade during term time without disrupting learning.

The Wade Deacon Trust’s Hillside High School in Bootle also needed to update its ageing CCTV system. Still, the installation would be more challenging due to the school’s 1930s architecture, with a lack of ceiling voids for easy cable runs, long corridors, and solid floor construction. The school also wanted to address usability, gaps in coverage, variable image quality, and rising maintenance costs.

Apex designed an end-to-end solution taking advantage of IDIS rapid plug-and-play deployment and seamless device compatibility, enabling full system functionality without installation glitches – particularly valuable at older sites such as Hillside, where cabling options are limited. It was easy to replace the existing cameras with a simple connection of IDIS’ more powerful high-definition models and to add new cameras in key locations to enable comprehensive coverage. The expanded system now includes seventy high-definition internal and external domes and bullets and the popular 12MP IDIS Super Fisheye – between them ensuring HD and ultra-HD image capture, even in challenging lighting conditions, thanks to the cameras being equipped with true WDR and IR LED. The fisheye cameras provide affordable wide area coverage, effectively delivering the same visibility as three or four fixed lens models.

As a result, the school’s new system now ensures comprehensive coverage of corridors, communal areas, entrances, and school grounds, and it is easier for staff to work with, thanks to the IDIS Center VMS management software. The license-free VMS’ intuitive interface makes it simple to live view, playback and retrieve recorded footage and allows role-based access rights to be easily configured.

“We are very impressed with our IDIS solution installed by Apex,” notes Jonathan Lowe, Director of ICT & Operations, Wade Deacon Trust. “Despite some infrastructure challenges, Apex listened to our requirements and delivered full system upgrades on time without any major disruptions or delays. The new solutions have given us reliable, comprehensive CCTV coverage, and it’s proving easy to use to safeguard our school community.”

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