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Access Control Modernisation with HID Seos Essentials Bundle

by Geny Caloisi

Small and midsize companies (SMBs) in Europe now have access to HID‘s new Seos Essential Bundle, an all-in-one packaged solution that simplifies installation and deployment.

The new bundle provides premium security and enhanced user experience, as well as combining HID‘s 30 years of security expertise.

“We believe that premium security should be accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size. The HID Seos Essential Bundle delivers this belief by providing smaller businesses with a solution that includes the essential features of our award-winning access control solution,” says Gerald Grattoni, HID’s VP & Head of Mature Markets, Physical Access Control Solutions. “The supporting bundle simplifies the complexities often needed for larger enterprises, offering a straightforward, cost-effective solution that equips every business with top-tier security with ease.”

Included in the new bundle are:

Simplified access control. The HID Seos Essentials Bundle offers a combination of a reader and a choice of preprogrammed credentials – including support for HID Mobile Access®, making it a highly versatile solution for smaller, non-enterprise installations.

The bundle includes a secure, independently certified next-generation RFID and Bluetooth® HID Signo Express reader, which is easy to install using a simple terminal strip and Wiegand connection. It is a more secure, cost-effective alternative to CSN-based credentials, which can be easily cloned and breached.

Compatible with all standard PACS systems, SMBs have total flexibility regarding the type of credential they use—preprogrammed traditional PVC cards, fobs or even the latest smartphone solution, HID Mobile Access—and access controller of their choice.

Premium security meets smaller budgets. The new bundle allows SMBs to maximise the value of their security investment with a solution tailored to the budgetary constraints of most organisations of this size without compromising on the quality or effectiveness of the access control system.

The HID Seos Essential Bundle is designed to be easy to order, install, and manage. With a single part number for easy ordering, preprogrammed credentials with unique secure numbers, and minimal maintenance due to HID’s proven device reliability, the HID Seos Essential Bundle ensures a seamless rollout, saving you time and money.

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