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HID’s employee badge readily available on Apple Wallet

by Geny Caloisi

HID Global’s employee badge access is now available on Apple Wallet. Using their Apple mobile devices, employees can access office doors, elevators, turnstiles, and multi-function printers, to name but a few.

The Apple Wallet employee badge seamlessly integrates with third-party access control systems and is easily managed by internal staff. Your employee’s badge in Apple Wallet will work even if their iPhone needs charging. The employee badge in Apple Wallet also takes advantage of the privacy and security features built into the iPhone and Apple Watch.

An employee badge is stored on the user’s device, meaning Apple doesn’t see where staff or employees access it, so data is private and secure. Implementation of employee badge in Apple Wallet involves a collaboration between your organisation, HID and HID’s approved Technology Partners.

Watch the video below and read more here: https://hid.link/oCr

HID Mobile Access coming soon to Android

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