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Crowdguard partners with ARX Security, and adds ARX Stopper!

by Geny Caloisi
Crowdguard, a specialist in protecting events and public locations from vehicle incursions, has added the ARX Stopper! to its extensive range of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) solutions following a new partnership with ARX Security.

Crowdguard offers temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent HVM systems and perimeter protection solutions as part of its plan, provide, and protect approach to event security and crowd safety management. As the events industry prepares to introduce Martyn’s Law, Crowdguard’s new addition will allow the company to offer even greater flexibility in providing appropriate and proportionate protection against vehicle-as-a-weapon attacks, aligned with identified threats, vulnerabilities and risk factors, as well as operational requirements and budgets.

Designed to stop vehicles and prevent them from progressing into safe zones or secure areas, ARX Stopper!™ can secure an average road width within 10 minutes, offering high levels of pedestrian permeability*. This makes it an ideal solution for ingress and egress at high-footfall locations. Crowdguard has successfully deployed the ARX Stopper! as part of Zone Ex match security at Leeds United FC and Scotland Six Nations matches at BT Murrayfield.

Providing both a physical and visual security deterrent to protect against vehicle-as-a-weapon (VAW) attacks and unauthorised vehicular access, the ARX Stopper! is effective at protecting events and publicly accessible solutions. The robust steel HVM units are contained within box structures, which can be customised with branding, wayfinding or advertising.

Deborah Ainscough, founder and director of Crowdguard, commented: “At Crowdguard, we work collaboratively with our clients, taking a holistic approach to provide the right solution aligned to risk, operational needs, and budget.

“We are constantly looking at innovations in the sector to allow us to tailor every project to the client’s needs, the location and the identified risks. Adding the ARX Stopper!™ to our suite of HVM solutions continues to build on our commitment to delivering effective event and public realm security while minimising disruption as part of our plan, provide, protect model.”

Eric Swithenbank, Managing Director at ARX Security at ARX Security, added: “Protecting the public and giving the events industry peace of mind are shared goals for both Crowdguard and us. The company has very quickly become a leader in the event security sector, combining risk assessment, specification, and deployment by skilled technicians in a joined-up service. We are delighted that Crowdguard has become our partner for ARX Stopper!™ and that the system is already proving a useful addition to their range.”

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