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Unafor partners with Crowdguard for semi-permanent terror protection

by Geny Caloisi

As a result of a new partnership with Unafor, Crowdguard is expanding its portfolio to semi-permanent solutions, offering accredited risk assessments, supply, installation, service, and maintenance of safety systems for events, venues and public spaces.

Providing temporary safety solutions for events and pedestrianisation schemes, Crowdguard provides hostile vehicle mitigation systems (HVM), vehicle security barriers (VSB), and perimeter protection against errant vehicles and vehicle attacks used as weapons. As accredited and certified Unafor distributor and installer for the UK and US, Crowdguard is able to offer even more flexible solutions to event organizers, venue operators and local authorities, mitigating the threat while taking into account the operational needs of each event.

Deborah Ainscough, founder and director of Crowdguard explains: “Our temporary HVM and perimeter protection solutions are ideal for a huge range of environments. However, customers sometimes need the flexibility of a solution that can be deployed and then removed quickly, easily and cost-effectively for events and open spaces whereby the event occurs in the same footprint multiple times a year.

“The Unafor Core has a shallow mount foundation, including a socket and lid, with a deployable post, which locks into position with a one person lift and provides an ideal solution for this type of application. It can also be integrated with various practical and aesthetic features, including planters and street furniture, while offering robust and certified protection, making it ideal for public realm locations.”

Unafor has created innovative, certified solutions specifically to enable safe aesthetically pleasing urban spaces with flexible, easy-to-install protection. The Core’s shallow mount foundation system is tested and certified to handle 1500kg and 3500kg at 48kph with a minimum penetration of 0m. Unafor Bollards, Unafor Bench, Unafor Green Screen Planters and Unafor Planters can be complemented by a choice of standard shrouds or bespoke shrouds depending on the architectural design. Once the foundations are in place, a single trained technician can deploy the Unafor core system. Because the system is designed with a click and lock installation method, posts are inserted into the sockets and locked into place with a firm and stable fit. 

“The speed and ease of use of the Unafor system make it an ideal solution for event organisers that hold regular events in the same location and need effective protection with rapid deployment every time.

“It’s also the ideal choice for pedestrianisation and outdoor dining, allowing local authorities to pedestrianise certain streets during the spring and summer months or the Christmas period, for example, or even on certain days of the week.”

Alongside the versatility of the system, Crowdguard expects the variety of integrated streetscape features compatible with the Unafor range to make it a very popular choice for public realm environments, pedestrianisation and outdoor events.

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