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HID Global – Signo Reader Range

by Benchmark

While the commercial landscape has changed dramatically in 2021, many businesses and organisations are hoping for a return to some form of normality before the year ends. However, it is unlikely to be a case of simply slipping back into the established ways of working.

People will rightly be nervous, businesses will need to take steps to ensure staff, visitors and contractors are protected, and for many the lessons of the past 12 months will trigger a reappraisal of how their systems could be improved.

Risk management strategies include ongoing planning for the future, and as such a growing number of end-users are looking to make investments in new technology, or upgrade existing systems, to mitigate emerging risks and threats. The access control sector, which plays a pivotal role in the management of people and spaces, offers a number of increasingly flexible options which can assist in creating enhanced security and safety, while also ensuring compliance with current and future regulations.

One change that looks likely to continue is the advanced use of secure mobile technologies for access control, allowing credentials to be sent over the air and remotely managed. The enhanced flexibility on offer, coupled with high levels of cost-effectiveness, will ensure mobile-based access remains a popular choice with end-users.

HID Global offers HID Signo, a new range of readers which are the successors to the popular and well-proven iCLASS SE readers. The Signo range provides an adaptable, interoperable and secure approach to access control. The readers, which are SIA OSDP verified, simplify system deployment and management, meet the advanced security requirements of today’s dynamic environments, and set organisations up for smarter, more connected access control.

HID Signo makes use of an open platform and delivers unprecedented flexibility and robust, forward-looking features designed to optimise the workplace experience. The readers support numerous physical and mobile credential technologies, allowing organisations to use their technology of choice and migrate to the latest solutions at their own pace or when the need arises.

HID Signo readers include smart features such as automatic surface detection. This recalibrates and optimises the read performance based on the mounting location. For outdoor performance, the readers are IP65-rated, and selected models in the range include a capacitive touch keypad which is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

HID Signo enables administrators to remotely configure and diagnose readers as well as monitor status through a centrally managed ecosystem. Configuration can be carried out through the controller, via the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).

The readers’ sleek and modern design enhances the cutting-edge reader platform, and provides unrivalled security and powerful performance. Upgrading to HID Signo ensures convenience and security, with future flexibility. The readers support a wide range of credential technologies, including HID Mobile Access via native Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication (NFC) capability. Apple’s Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) is supported for credentials in the Apple Wallet.

Secure storage of cryptographic keys on certified secure hardware offers peace of mind for the overall security of the platform, and because the readers support Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) out of the box, they are capable of secure bidirectional communication. Each reader is also designed to be connected and managed remotely, without the need to be physically touched.



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