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Benchmark looks at products and systems of interest for integrators and end users who are looking to implement smart solutions on network-based platforms.

Most smart solutions are based upon a networked architecture, and while many companies have competent IT departments with a good understanding of infrastructure, the demands of smart solutions are often significantly higher than IT-based systems.

The volume of data used by smart solutions is significantly higher than many IT-centric applications. Data also needs to be processed in real-time, allowing status changes to trigger event or actions.High bandwidth traffic such as video and audio streams can overwhelm typical IT devices, resulting in lower performance or even system failures.

As such, when implementing smart solutions, it pays to specify infrastructure which has been designed and built with the high performance demands of smart systems in mind.

Altronix: NetWay5B

Altronix has expanded its range of networking products with the NetWay5B five port hardened switch. The compact switch is designed to mount in virtually any Altronix enclosure and combines multiple IP devices over a single Ethernet cable. It is especially suitable where multiple IP access controllers are deployed.

NetWay5B switches feature five 10/100/1000 data ports with speed/activity LED indicators, and are powered via PoE or 12V DC/24V DC power supplies.

The BR1 mounting bracket enables the fixing of additional sub-assemblies to the enclosure’s side wall. It is compatible with the NetWay5B, PD4UL, PD8UL, PDS8, LINQ8PD, ACM4, MOM5 and VR6 to allow more devices to share enclosure space.

The NetWay series also includes switches with varied capacities.

Barox: Powerhaus Switches

Barox, the manufacturer of switches, media converters and IP extenders, offers the range of Powerhaus switches, which have been designed to cope with the specific requirements of IP video. The switches support integrators and end users with a host of advanced features.

To cope with demand for an increased number of connected cameras and other devices, Powerhaus switches are built with increased backplane capacities. In addition, the specification features enhanced device management and troubleshooting, including PoE monitoring and power consumption control, with device scheduling for energy saving, cable diagnostics and SNMP support.

Barox includes functionality for active camera tracking and fault logging, whereby attached devices are automatically ‘pinged’ to check operational status. If any devices fail to respond, the switch automatically withdraws the PoE supply and initiates a reboot; the fault is also logged.

Fault logging gives integrators and installers a diagnostic insight, enabling them to easily identify and remedy network and device issues.

With an increased focus on cybersecurity from end users, the switches feature powerful integral security features. Other management tools include individual port power delay, which allows the gradual step-up of power to individual ports, prevent overloads.

PoE consumption-based control trigger points can be configured to flag-up a device for user attention if its power consumption is increasing beyond expected pre-defined parameters.

SeeQuestor: Model 5

SeeQuestor offers the Model 5 server station. Designed as a transportable model, it enables users to search video 100 times faster than conventional methods. Supporting up to five users, the Model 5 can ingest and analyse up to 1,000 of hours of footage per day.

The Model 5 contains the full suite of capabilities that are often deployed by law enforcement teams.
It can ingest and read almost any video footage, regardless of source – from vehicle dashcams and PTZs to drones, bodycams and cellphone footage. The footage is processed and analysed at a fraction of the speed of other options.

Technical specifications of the Model 5 include Intel Core i9-7980Xe Extreme processors, four NVIDIA Titan V 12GB HBM2 graphic cards. It supports up to 50TB of storage, and the OS runs on a discrete solid state drive.

BT Redcare: Signalling Portfolio

BT Redcare offers a portfolio of solutions to provide faster, smarter and easier ways of protecting premises, ranging from commercial and industrial premises to domestic applications.

The company offers four next-generation alarm signalling products which can be used to monitor a range of risks including physical break-ins, fires, gas leaks and flooding.

Customers benefit from a faster experience from the installation through to connectivity, signalling and fault reporting.
The products are easier to use with the introduction of a new App for integrators which enhances customer set-up, while a customer App allows the user to receive notifications and alerts.

The products have been designed to be more environmentally friendly, requiring less energy and using recyclable packaging.

With comprehensive levels of security built in, end-to-end encryption, technical support and a 10 year warranty, the portfolio delivers the high levels of reliability and reassurance required from a modern alarm system.

The new portfolio comprises Essential, Advanced, Advanced Extra and Ultimate.

Ultimate is underpinned by IP broadband and 4G connections, and includes a built in hub with battery back-up.

AMG Systems: 90W Switches

Allowing a wider range of devices to be deployed in locations without local power, AMG has launched a range of 90W 802.3bt compliant media converters and Ethernet switches.

Designed for use in any networking application where a device can be powered by PoE, such as within video surveillance, access control, lighting and industrial networks for general security and ITS/urban traffic management applications, AMG’s new range of switches and media convertors are supporting easier and quicker installations, allied to lower maintenance costs.

Delivering four 90W 802.3bt PoE ports per eight port switch, AMG’s new Managed PLUS Industrial Hardened switch and 90W PoE+ compact single port media converter, provide excellent application and site flexibility.

Enabling new deployment options in next-generation enterprise workspace environments, the AMG 90W solutions save on space too, providing PoE+ and Ethernet connectivity in the same box.

For end-users, the new AMG solutions also reduce equipment and costs when compared to the use of traditional PoE injectors.

With 90W PoE+ on each Ethernet port and housed in a compact chassis, the new AMG DIN rail mountable devices are the ideal choice for connecting and powering network devices (such as video surveillance cameras and industrial controllers), over long distances, using all types of fibre.

Tom Exley, AMG Director, stated, ‘It’s great to be able to offer something different technology-wise in the Ethernet space. Customers have been excited about our 90W PoE+ solutions and we have more exciting product developments in the pipeline.’

TRENDnet: Smart Switches

TRENDnet has expanded its range of 4PPoE products with 90W-supported gigabit 4PPoE switches and a 4PPoE injector. The Gigabit 4PPoE Switches and the Gigabit 4PPoE 90W Injector will support the recently ratified 802.3bt standard, up to 90W of power per port.

Integrators can save on equipment costs and reduce installation time with Gigabit 4PPoE Switches by delivering 90W PoE power and networking data over existing Ethernet cables. With 4PPoE technology, users only need one set of cables to deliver both data and power.

With 90W PoE, installations such as digital signage, LED displays, video intercom systems and IR lighting can be supported.

The switches are unmanaged, featuring both 4PPoE ports and PoE+ ports.

Seagate: SkyHawk AI

Seagate’s SkyHawk AI is a purpose-built HDD which has been designed to meet the growing demand for artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled video surveillance solutions. The SkyHawk AI drives are able to efficiently and effectively manage data while also dealing with the challenges of recording streaming video from numerous sources.

The SkyHawk AI HDDs are available in 8TB, 10TB, 12TB and 14TB versions. All feature a SATA 6Gbps interface and a cache of 256MB. The HDDs are capable of supporting up to 64 HD video streams and 32 AI streams (there are two streams to an AI channel).

The drives also feature RV (rotational vibration) sensors. These help to reduce issues with system vibration, and are recommended for systems with multiple drives. If an increase in vibration is detected, the drive disperses this across the chassis to improve performance and reliability.

One of the key features is the proprietary ImagePerfect AI firmware. This has been created to ensure a high level of integrity for both image streams and AI data.

ImagePerfect firmware is built on Multi-Tier Caching (MTC) technology and enables high image integrity. The intelligent algorithm reduces data errors, allows images to be stored without pixelisation and prevents frame loss during multiple stream recordings.

ComNet: Cybersecure Switches

ComNet’s next generation IP Switches are cybersecurity-enabled, providing additional infrastructure protection, network resilience and improved hardware capabilities to ensure active defence against cyber attacks. The switches have been enabled with Port Guardian, the manufacturer’s proprietary cybersecurity functionality.

The switches boast a range of features designed to offer performance and protection. Industrially hardened, the switches are available in 1Gb 4 port and 6 port variants, and can support either 30W or 60W PoE as an option.

The switches feature real-time PoE status monitoring, with an automatic reboot function should a device require a restart.
The switches support RSTP, IGMP V2 snooping, multicast flooding prevention and dual redundant SFP mode. Data rates of 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps full duplex are supported.

Port Guardian can disable a port if unauthorised access is detected. If an edge device is disconnected, Port Guardian senses this and the port is locked out.


DITEK, a provider of power protection solutions, is shipping a competitively priced line of Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) with a new compact form factor.

The units add to a comprehensive power protection product line that includes Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) network protection and indoor/outdoor surge protection devices.

Designed to not only protect the power supply, the UPS offering ensures power uptime to support critical systems through brief power outages.

DTK-UPS600 (600VA/360W) and DTK-UPS800 (800VA/480 W) provide comprehensive power protection against surges and spikes in a compact, economical package, and make use of a built-in AVR for voltage stabilisation. The supplies include protection for an Ethernet connection and six power outlets for connected equipment.

Battery run time at 25 per cent of rated load is about 20 minutes, and both models feature a fast recovery time of four hours to reach 90 per cent capacity.

Allied Telesis: x930 Switches

The x930 series is made up of Gigabit Layer 3 stackable switches. The high-performance and scalable devices have been designed to support demanding network requirements, delivering resilience and reliability for network core and distributed solutions. The switches offer the ability to stack up to eight units using VCStack, which enables multiple switches to appear as a single virtual chassis. In use, the virtual chassis acts as a single switch, simplifying network management.

The x930 switches support load-sharing, and hot-swappable power supplies ensure maximum uptime while supporting minimal maintenance disruptions. Deployments can be with Gigabit copper and fibre with 10G and 40G uplinks. Network and device management can be automated with Autonomous Management Framework (AMF) functionality.

PoE switches are included with the range.

NVT Phybridge: FLEX24

The FLEX24 switch from NVT Phybridge makes the transition from legacy systems to IP-based surveillance and IoT devices a simple, secure and cost-effective option. When the switch is paired with FLEX adapters, the enterprise-grade switch delivers fast Ethernet and PoE over multi-pair UTP cable with up to 610 metres reach: more than six times the achievable distance of Ethernet switches.

This reduces the cost of installation as additional hardware, such as network extenders and associated PSUs and cabinets, are not required.

The FLEX24 delivers robust power management capabilities and a simple to use GUI interface, ensuring it is both simple to configure and use. The switch takes advantage of Modern LAN principles, protecting legacy infrastructure and eliminating the need to ‘rip and replace’ any established multipair UTP cabling.

The FLEX24 switch allows flexibility with regard to network design and enables advanced interoperability and easy integration into the overall LAN. This assists with the creation of an independent but secure, robust and easy to manage network for security, safety and building management.

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