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Leidos works with EU airports on security upgrades

by Geny Caloisi
Leidos, a US technology company focused on challenges in the defence, intelligence, civil, and health markets, is helping European airports to upgrade their travel and trade security solutions.

In the UK, Leidos will lead security technology enhancements at London Luton Airport as the principal contractor for technology upgrades across multiple security checkpoints. Luton is one of the UK’s busiest airports, having served over 13 million passengers in 2022.

The company is also working at Germany’s Frankfurt Airport, deploying its ClearScan computed tomography (CT) scanner. The CT scanner is a key component of the new security lane under transition in Terminal 1, Concourse A. The work is being performed under the leadership of Fraport, the company now responsible for the organisation, management, and performance of security checkpoints at FRA.

Speaking about Luton, Brad Buswell, Senior Vice President and Operations Manager at Leidos, said, “This is an exciting opportunity for our team, and we look forward to supporting these important initiatives at London Luton Airport. By focusing on end-to-end solutions versus individual systems, we will deliver a holistic security management solution, which can scale with the airport’s future needs.”

Leidos manages all subcontractors and associated consultants working on the Luton project as the principal contractor. This includes oversight of building modifications to create two central image processing rooms. The company will also install its security systems and other third-party security solutions at the checkpoints.

Under the agreement, Leidos will deploy 12 of its integrated ClearScan cabin baggage scanners and ProPassage automated tray return systems. ClearScan is a computed tomography (CT) scanner with advanced explosive detection algorithms. This capability eliminates the need to remove electronics and approved liquids from carry-on baggage. The large, automated ProPassage trays reduce the number of trays needed per passenger in the divest area and helps prevent sweep-outs, a common issue with light items in shallow trays. Combining these two technologies will enable faster processing of passengers through the checkpoint.

Luton will also deploy Mosaic, Leidos’ open-architecture software platform. This cyber-secure solution integrates all security components into a single management system and will provide the airport with actionable business intelligence across the entire security screening operation.

“When we evaluated solutions that would provide the highest level of security while keeping a simple, friendly passenger journey and experience at London Luton Airport, Leidos was the ideal choice,” said Chris Jones, Head of Security at London Luton Airport. “We look forward to realising the benefits of these new technologies.”

Work on the project has begun, with the first lanes expected to open to the public in the fourth quarter of 2023.


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