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Luxrite Launches SPRO Flame Detection Cameras

by Geny Caloisi

The rising risk of fires, specifically those instigated by lithium-ion batteries in e-scooters and similar devices, urgently calls for a forward-thinking strategy in safety and prevention. In response to this growing need, SPRO, the security solutions brand by Luxrite, presents its unique Flame Detection Cameras to the UK CCTV installation market. This technology significantly boosts fire and safety measures, providing CCTV installers and their clients an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

The UK sees an average of 37,000 house fires annually, primarily ignited by misuse of electrical equipment. SPRO Flame Detection cameras serve as critical protection against these hazards. Skillfully designed to detect even the faintest ignition of a flame, these cameras provide early alerts, offering an invaluable window of opportunity to mitigate potentially disastrous events.

Why now? The Escalation of Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

As the uptake of electric vehicles, including e-scooters, rapidly grows, the threat of lithium-ion battery fires has become a pressing concern. SPRO Flame Detection Cameras, developed by Luxrite, provide a timely response to this escalating problem, efficiently monitoring large areas and pinpointing the early stages of fire outbreaks.

Versatility, Integration, and Proactive Intervention

Unlike conventional thermal cameras, SPRO Flame Detection Cameras do not provide basic “Colour Gradient” images. Instead, they function as standard surveillance cameras until they detect a flame, making them an essential component of any CCTV system, not a niche.

These cameras integrate seamlessly into existing intruder and fire systems, offering early detection and a robust safety network. With a coverage radius of 10 metres by 10 metres, these cameras can supervise extensive areas, from EV charging points to busy school kitchens. Furthermore, their compatibility with both intruder and fire alarm systems enhances the security perimeter around properties.

SPRO Flame Detection Cameras play a crucial role in shifting from reactive fire safety to proactive prevention. These sophisticated devices, equipped with advanced visual capabilities, blend CCTV surveillance and fire detection, encouraging property managers to address fire hazards proactively before they develop into full-scale emergencies.

“Our goal with the introduction of SPRO Flame Detection Cameras in the UK is to provide CCTV installers and their clients with tools for quick and effective response to fire threats,” stated Oliver McCulloch, Business & Marketing Executive for Luxrite. “Given the distressing rise in e-scooter fires and other residential fire incidents, technologies like ours are crucial, prioritising prevention and early detection.”

Luxrite, through its SPRO brand, is devoted to harnessing advanced technology to safeguard properties and lives. As we adapt to living with potential fire risks, from e-scooters to overloaded sockets, tools like SPRO Flame Detection Cameras become indispensable for ensuring the safety of our properties and occupants.

Luxrite is a distributor provider of innovative security solutions, and SPRO is its flagship CCTV brand.

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