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Meesons EasyGate Superb

by Benchmark

Meesons, the entry control provider, has unveiled its EasyGate Superb. At 99mm, the EasyGate Superb is one the slimmest speed gates on the market, accentuating the minimalistic aesthetics created by the glass wings.

EasyGate Superb is a fully customised gate that is ideal for controlling access to offices, schools, universities or government buildings. The range includes innovative features, including an optional integrated card collector and QR code/barcode reader. EasyGate Superb can be specified in colours to match a customer’s corporate identity.

The EasyGate Superb features the ability to integrate an optional card collector with a card return function. Where required, a third-party card reader can be built in. The QR scanner, another optional feature, helps improve the efficiency of visitor management. It is possible for an external visitor to receive a QR code on their mobile phone, allowing unimpeded entry to the facility on arrival without having to verify credentials.

The QR code reader can also be used by delivery partners where there isn’t a staffed reception. Sending the QR code in advance will mean they are able to gain independent access to specific areas of the facility.

Both the QR scanner and card collectors are an integral part of the design, meaning there is no need to increase the cabinet width or bolt on the devices. This helps maintain sightlines of the cabinets, which are supplied in brushed, polished or bronzed stainless steel or any RAL colour or alternative surface finishes, along with tempered glass top lids.

Other optional functionality of the range includes intuitive light guidance. Coloured LED illumination of the top lid allows smart settings of light navigation. In addition to standard navigation functions, various lighting effects such as arrows, dots, blending colours and more can be set. The selection of colours is fully customisable.

The EasyGate Superb includes 24 pairs of sensors to prevent tailgating . The sensors can detect when a person is in a wheelchair, wheeling luggage or pushing a pram.

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