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Security for the NQ64 is designed by Amthal

by Geny Caloisi

Amthal has been working for arcade bar NQ64 in Shoreditch, blending in critical security systems for its newly opened Shoreditch site to benefit all staff and guests.

NQ64’s is one of the UK’s biggest arcade sites to date, offering a choice of more than 50 nostalgic and classic arcade game machines and consoles. It is the first site to offer food alongside craft beers and cocktails.

Having worked with NQ64 to secure its first site in London Soho, Amthal returned to the property management team to install IP CCTV, an intruder alarm, and an intercom entrance system for its Shoreditch bar.

Says Andy Platt, Property Manager at NQ64 Arcade Bars: “As our biggest site to date, our opening in Shoreditch was highly anticipated and we’re thrilled with the results. The team worked hard to make sure this is a cool, safe space for drinking and eating, right from the venue entrance via a curly slide, as well as playing retro games and consoles. We hope it’s a venue that continues to stand out as a little different, nostalgic for many to remember the best of our childhood days.”

NQ64 Shoreditch on east London’s Old Street is described as a ‘9000 square foot ‘neon splattered drinking den.’

With safety and security highlighted as a top priority, Amthal was involved right from the initial design of the bar to ensure systems could be installed to blend seamlessly with their surroundings and not disturb the vibe created for visiting gamers.

Latest IP CCTV alongside smart intruder and intercom entrance control systems can now be monitored remotely at any time from anywhere, with fixed monitoring stations in the main office and kitchen and available for the security guards on site.

Matthew Hoare, Amthal Project Manager, added: “NQ64 is fast becoming renowned as an exciting gaming destination, with much loved retro music, games, cocktails and now food. Its signature neon graffiti décor means any security systems installed must blend in and not impact the surroundings. With Amthal understanding this focus and coming in early on the project, we were able to complete the task and maximise protection and visual verification across the site.”

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