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Hanwha Vision to demonstrate industry-leading AI security solutions at APS in Paris

by Geny Caloisi
This week, Hanwha Vision is attending APS Paris 2023, the leading trade fair at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, where it will be exhibiting selected newly launched AI-powered solutions )stand D19 between October 3rd – 5th, 2023).

At the event, Hanwha Vision will showcase its new AI-based multi-directional cameras and other leading AI cameras. These highly intelligent solutions help minimise false alarms that have plagued the electronic security industry for decades.  The Deep-Learning AI video analytics on board the cameras ignore video noise, waving trees, moving clouds and animals, all of which would trigger false alarms when standard motion detection technology is used. This higher level of performance means control room operators can focus on responding to real incidents and not waste time and effort on false alarms.

Meanwhile, AI-powered object classification allows for more efficient forensic searches, meaning security managers can quickly find relevant event footage for further investigation. Virtual areas can be set up with AI object detection so that if a person is identified as loitering in a specific area, an alert is sent to the operator to take action.

New Product Debut

Making their European debut at this event will be Hanwha Vision’s four and 5-channel multi-directional cameras, powered by an AI engine, that provide operators with a 360° view and industry-leading analytics. The solutions rapidly classify and detect people, faces, vehicles (including vehicle types), and licence plates, as well as provide AI-based loitering and line-crossing detection.

These multi-directional cameras require significantly less cabling and infrastructure compared with what would normally be required to enable up to 5 separate cameras to cover such large and complex scenes. Meanwhile, the AI on the camera (edge AI) needs less server room space as analytics is carried out on the device, and only metadata is transmitted, allowing for better total cost of ownership.

The camera also excels in delivering clear visuals in night-time and low-light conditions, with four independent IR zones and a dedicated long-range IR for the PTZ camera built into the 5-channel camera. Operators can manually adjust the intensity of each zone’s IR, preventing potential reflection issues from nearby objects. They come with reinforced durability and next-level cybersecurity to provide operators with additional security measures.

For more information and demonstrations of Hanwha Vision’s extensive range of vision solutions, please visit Stand No. D19.

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