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See what 2N products can look like risk-free with VR

by Geny Caloisi

Face scanner on a building entrance wifi system to unlock the door security system. Face scanner for face recognition, password, time recording, work in-out and unlock doors in the office or building.

Architects, engineers, integrators, and installers can see how 2N’s products would look if incorporated into their projects with the company’s new augmented reality app, 2N AppeAR.

The 2N AppeAR website offers detailed 3D models, technical details, useful videos, and disassembly videos for every 2N product. A virtual installation option is also available to ensure that the 2N product chosen is right for the project by architects and installers. With just a tap of their smartphone, an augmented reality image is displayed as if the device were actually in the room where they are considering installing it.

Through the app, they can then evaluate the products for size, shape and positioning and try out different colour variations.

The app was developed in response to a survey that 2N conducted with architects and installers, highlighting the importance of getting every detail of a building right.

2N AppeAR follows two other 2N tools that have proved particularly popular with architects: 2N Virtual Experience, a 3D animation tool to facilitate the planning process and help ensure that the best possible access control solution is proposed for each project, and 2N Project Designer, a step-by-step guide to save partners time when planning both commercial and residential installations.

Michael Nicholson, Business Development Manager for the UK & Ireland at 2N, said: “Access control only amounts to about 0.1% of the total cost of a building’s construction, but there is a growing understanding of its importance – in terms of aesthetics as well as security. Our customers care about great design because beautiful devices enhance the value of their projects. Understandably, they, therefore, want to be able to see how the products will actually look. 2N AppeAR means that they no longer have to imagine our solutions. Now, they can visualise them.”

2N’s design focus starts at the beginning of the product development process. The company invests 14% of its turnover in R&D, a significantly higher figure than many of the largest technology companies, prioritising the combination of design and functionality at every stage.

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