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2N unveils its range of products for 2023

by Geny Caloisi
2N, a manufacturer of internet-enabled intercoms and access control systems, has outlined its product launch for 2023. The company will launch three new devices this year: the 2N IP Verso 2.0, the next generation of 2N’s best-selling modular intercom; the 2N IP One, a new one-button intercom designed for family homes; and the 2N Access Unit 2.0, an access reader which combines three access options in one.

Michal Kratochvíl, 2N’s CEO, said: “These new products and services are NextGen access control and I couldn’t be more excited to see our customers interacting with them. We are particularly focusing on the residential sector because there is growing awareness of how much value the most innovative access control technologies can bring to residential projects, whether retrofit or new-build, as well as the potential to integrate them into modern smart home systems.”|

A next-generation access control app, My2N, allows users to open their door and monitor their entrance from anywhere – so that, for example, couriers can drop parcels inside when they out of the country. By connecting the IP intercom to an external camera, residents can also check up on any other areas they need – perhaps garages, outbuildings or the areas surrounding the home. The My2N app is expected to launch in March 2023.

The 2N PICard Commander software lets administrators create a unique cryptographic keyset for every site and then use that keyset to encode new Protected Identity Credentials which are put on to RFID cards. 2N PICard Commander is built on Mifare DESFire technology and combines high security with a uniquely simple workflow.  The 2N PICard Commander is expected to launch in March 2023.

The 2N Access Unit 2.0, is a sleek new device that combines three access options in one unit: smartphone access, RFIP and keypad. This combination of technologies is also available in both generations of the 2N IP Verso intercom and provides customers with the flexibility to choose the option which suits them best. Regarding smartphone access, 2N Access Unit 2.0 supports WaveKey, 2N’s next-generation Bluetooth-based technology. The 2N Access Unit 2.0 is expected to launch in in April 2023.

The 2N IP Verso 2.0, a modular intercom, has been upgraded to include a full HD wide-angle camera and to read QR codes. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular for access control due to the rise in e-commerce and the growth of flexible working models. They are easy to distribute via email and ideal for one-off or time-limited access – for couriers or contractors. The 2N IP Verso 2.0 is expected to launch in June 2023.

The 2N IP One, is a new one-button intercom for family homes with a luxurious design and a full HD camera. The surface features a single backlit button for a seamless user experience and is also extremely resistant – both to vandals (it is IK08 certified for durability) and to water and dust (it is IP66 certified as well). The 2N IP One is expected to launch in November 2023.

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