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Stafford Bridge designs security barsets to fit old building’s needs

by Geny Caloisi
The challenge of securing heritage infrastructure is finding certified protection that meets specific aesthetic requirements. Many older utilitarian and historic buildings have uniquely shaped windows that can make it difficult for a facility to be protected from potential intruders because of their unique shape. 

To prevent determined, skilled intruders from breaking into your building, Stafford Bridge offers a range of high-performance Security Barsets which are custom-designed to meet the unique requirements of every building. The company supplies both square and arched security bars. All its products are tested and certified up to LPS 1175 C5 (SR3).

Stafford Bridge’s arched and square security barsets fit the aesthetic of many historic dwellings with arched architecture and can withstand a sustained attack using power tools without giving way.

Tested and certified to LPS 1175 Issue 8 B3 (SR3), Stafford Bridge’s range of Arched Security Barsets keep out intruders trying to force their way in and stop the effects of vandals whilst letting air and light travel through.

With galvanised zinc pre-treatments and up to fifty-six paint colours to choose from, the Stafford Bridge Arched Security Barsets provide incomparable aesthetics tailored to the needs of your facility without any compromise to its security rating.

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