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Synectics’ Latest Synergy Software Released

by Geny Caloisi

Synectics, a developer of advanced security and surveillance systems, has announced its latest software release, Synergy. The focal points of this update centre around improved incident management and enhanced team collaboration. Key features include a new mobile application, simplified web-based system access, and remote camera-sharing capabilities.

The cornerstone of the Synergy update lies in its tools for streamlined incident management and bolstered collaboration among security teams. The new mobile application extends security management beyond the traditional confines of the control room, allowing users to efficiently assign and schedule tasks. This functionality facilitates routine security checks along patrol routes and enables swift responses to Synergy alerts. Noteworthy is the customisable on-screen guidance feature, designed to ensure adherence to Standard Operating Procedures with ease and efficiency.

Moreover, the mobile app facilitates seamless communication between field personnel and control room teams. Users can effortlessly update the status of tasks completed and provide additional pertinent information, such as photos or written files, with the touch of a button.

Simplified Remote Access

Synergy’s latest release also introduces simplified remote access capabilities, catering to the needs of diverse user groups. Through a web browser interface, multiple users can securely view footage, control PTZ cameras, and access additional functionalities. This functionality accommodates scenarios ranging from security managers working remotely to field-based personnel requiring real-time access to surveillance feeds.

Efficient Camera Sharing

A notable addition to Synergy’s arsenal is its remote camera sharing feature. This capability allows organizations to share live camera feeds securely with remote sites and third parties for defined periods. The system ensures data security and compliance with regulations such as GDPR through encryption, audit trails, and granular access controls. Whether utilizing Synergy-to-Synergy systems or DVNP technology, organisations can leverage remote camera sharing as part of coordinated security operations while maintaining data control.

Beyond incident management and collaboration tools, Synergy’s latest release introduces additional functionalities aimed at enhancing security operations. These include NMEA radar integration for automatic target tracking and vessel classification within Synergy’s mapping functionality. Furthermore, integration with Angel Eye gaming shoe technology provides live baccarat gaming results alongside video footage, catering to specific industry needs.

In summary, Synectics’ latest Synergy software release represents a significant advancement in security and surveillance capabilities, offering robust incident management tools, simplified remote access, and secure camera sharing functionalities. These features are poised to enhance operational efficiency and coordination for organisations across various sectors

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