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Vicon explores new design horizons

by Geny Caloisi

Vicon’s stand at the Security Event was sometimes busy and mysteriously empty, and we have discovered why. The company was showcasing its latest product innovation design in a secluded room at the NEC Birmingham. Unfortunately, this is still under embargo, so we can’t tell you more about it, but I can confirm that it will provide installers and users with a very sleek solution.

Vicon’s Anavio solution, which provides seamless security management, was new at the stand. Users will no longer have to juggle between separate security systems. Anavio consolidates access control, video monitoring, and intercom functionalities into a single, intuitive platform.

Anavio provides an alternative to on-premises hardware management – which can be costly. With remote monitoring capabilities accessible from any smart device, security management becomes convenient from anywhere.

Anavio access control has a face authentication feature, ensuring only authorised individuals gain entry while thwarting presentation attacks with anti-spoofing technology. Elevating safety and efficiency, Anavio enables customisable emergency response procedures and instant event sharing via text or email.

The solution’s straightforward selection of hardware options, including domes, bullets, and unified intercom readers, ensures a tailored security setup to meet diverse needs.

The Vicon Multi-Sensor Camera displayed at the stand showed its exceptional image quality with four 5 MP sensors – creating a 20 MP model that can achieve 360° or 270° views. The system is also designed for simple and quick installations via remote configurations, eliminating the need for tedious manual configuration.

With Vicon’s technology, starlight low-light imaging captures colour images in darkness with clarity. Paired with independent motorised PTZ control, users can effortlessly position sensors to monitor desired areas, enhancing operational efficiency precisely. Additionally, Vicon’s analytics empower proactive detection, enabling swift responses to potential threats. With the capability to offer up to 360-degree views, Vicon’s cameras effectively eliminate blind spots, ensuring comprehensive coverage and heightened situational awareness for optimal security outcomes.

The company also showcased its VAX system, a complete solution integrating access control and video surveillance applications for small—to enterprise-scale installations. Vicon offers access control components for a seamlessly integrated video surveillance system. This includes various Door and Elevator controllers, proximity readers, and multiple types of credentials, including smartphones, that fit any installation.



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