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Faster VMS response times thanks to Valerus update

by Geny Caloisi
Vicon’s video management system (VMS) Valerus, a finalist at the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2021, has been upgraded to its 21.1 version. Designed for ease of use, Valerus 21.1 boasts new advanced feature enhancements such as expanded alarms management options, a newly added integration framework, and improvements to its health dashboard.

Favoured for its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), Valerus provides an easy to use centralised control and enhanced alarms monitoring.

In critical situations, when responses need to be fast and precise, practicality is paramount. The VMS new features aim to improve response times, expedite forensic searches and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. This also ensures consistent procedures and timely responses.

Users can define alarms by priority and assign alarms to specific Valerus users. Access to insights on captured events footage is readily available whenever needed, and operators can also consult additional resources such as neighbouring cameras or access control points.

Third-party integration

Valerus 21.1 integration framework is designed to expand Valerus’ functionality through third-party integrations such as License Plate Recognition (LPR) and deep integration with VAX Access Control.

The addition of LPR is strategically implemented to deliver immediate insight and real-time information of wanted and unwanted vehicles on the premises. Alerts and alarms can be triggered based on LPR events. As with other native events within Valerus, users can tag, search and export information.

Valerus 21.1 enhanced VAX Access Control partnership allows users to review, control and execute access control procedures suitable from Valerus.

Seamless Access Control solution

Valerus 21.1 features a new and enhanced VAX Access Control partnership allowing users to review, control and execute access control procedures right from Valerus.

The browser-based VAX access control software is packed with management and reporting features and designed for quick viewing and intuitive operation.

Users can monitor events using Valerus’ Event Search tool; they can create alarms or alerts and execute actions from one platform. They can access interactive mapping features, creating an intuitive visualisation of both surveillance cameras and VAX-controlled doors – all on a single map.

Client performance indicator

The newly developed Client Performance Indicator Icon is an innovative tool that allows users to view the performance of their system at a simple glance at all times. With this tool, operators can immediately identify if resources are becoming overloaded and proactively monitor the system’s health.

When it comes to system performance and cyber-security, Valerus 21.1 expands upon existing capabilities and guides users in understanding their system’s overall capacities on the Health Dashboard. Users can also monitor maintenance and ensure uninterrupted surveillance.

The Activity Mapping Tab simplifies user-activity monitoring of the entire Valerus system. Designed in a calendar format, this tool organises audit information. It allows users to select audit log activities of their interest, such as configuration changes, or alarms to name but a few.

Other Updated Modules

• Open Alarm Gauge provides users with a snapshot of the number of alarms open and not assigned or handled.

• Video Export Space ensures users know what their export space is and can still do exports while using other features.

• NVR Tab: the new SMART communication shows errors reported by the hard drives, helping operators detect potential drive failures before they lead to potentially catastrophic events.

• Enhanced Cyber Security Tab: Now features enhanced details and notifications of user status, designed to deter the sharing of credentials and false login attempts and help operators effectively monitor who is in the system and at what time.

• Report Export Options: New options to download historical performance data in HTML or Excel formats can easily share data and extract any necessary reporting.

• Access List: Create the ultimate line of protection with your Valerus system by identifying and adding specific devices to your network. These devices can be added either by IP address, MAC address or via a unique ID generated exclusively for Valerus access.

• Snapshot tool: Designed with integrators and operators in mind, users can take reference stills from any camera with just one click.

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