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Cathexis considers industry awards useful for its evolution

by Geny Caloisi

South Africa-headquartered Cathexis has won Benchmark Innovation awards for the third time (2018, 2020 and 2021). CathexisVision Video Surveillance Management Software suite came first on the Smart Solutions category at the Innovation Awards 2021.

Benchmark spoke to Mark Shepperson, Brand and Marketing Manager at Cathexis, to determine what the win means to the company and what’s on the horizon.

Benchmark: In your opinion, why it’s important to have awards in the industry. 

Mark Shepperson: Industry awards can promote brands and publicise products, to connect with potential clients and technology partners. By entering awards, the company has an opportunity to assess what is working and identify areas in which to grow or expand. Being recognised by industry peers and a publication like Benchmark Magazine, which is respected in the security sector, is a testament to Cathexis’s place in the industry and an endorsement of the smart solutions we offer. Finally, industry awards motivate staff, and it’s a significant boost when their efforts are recognised. 

B: Can you tell us about the product that won?

MS: CathexisVision is a sophisticated, stable, scalable and cost-effective video management solution that delivers a significant return on investment. Cathexis upgraded the software to build on its strengths, offering more advanced features such as improved search and filtering capabilities, object classification, and functions to support COVID safety measures.

We are constantly striving to improve our software for the benefit of the customers. Our innovations are based on real-world requirements and genuine improvements, rather than innovation for innovation’s sake.

B: How is CathexisVision 2020 being used: 

MS: CathexisVision 2020 is being used worldwide to provide comprehensive security and surveillance solutions in many market sectors, such as logistics and transport, hospitality, airport operations, healthcare, mining and manufacturing, education and government, banking, retail, and many more. The in-house engineered analytics suite and powerful features, combined with the software’s ability to seamlessly integrate with leading camera brands and numerous third-party systems, make CathexisVision an ideal security solution.

Not only for security but for health and safety, operational enhancements, theft, shrinkage and other areas of business.

B: What new features have you introduced in 2021?

The new features and enhancements in CathexisVision 2021 include:

  • Video analytics/AI enhancements – advanced analytics algorithms to detect anomalies
  • More options to offload analytics processing, allowing users to operate several algorithms simultaneously. 
  • The options for faces to be redacted when exporting footage 
  • Occupancy management – the API for object classification has been updated, adding an occupancy trigger option and the option to export this information to a third-party system
  • Physical distancing algorithm and mask detection
  • Face detection and temperature readings
  • Video wall upgrades to enhance performance

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