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The ‘Security Tour de France’ road trip

by Geny Caloisi


From May 23rd until June 6th, Secure Logiq, along with along with Cathexis, ZKTeco, Toshiba and Camect will be visiting 130 security companies between Paris and Lille, with a target of two site demos per day, driving the team’s Niesmann+Bischoff iSmove motorhome.

Using the van’s live setup to provide real-time demos no matter what the weather brings, the team will be showcasing CCTV system solutions, enhanced video security, integrated VMS solutions and positive ROI, accompanied by croissants and coffee.

“This is a really exciting opportunity to connect with the French security market,” says Ivan Sval, Regional Sales Manager EU of Secure Logiq. “When planning these types of visits, they are arranged well in advance, or it will just be cold visiting. The goal of this trip is to surprise the customer with our presence, and I think having our real-time demos on the road with us will provide a perfect chance not only to present our portfolio, b


ut to network in a unique and memorable way.”

Demonstrating the power of an integrated security solution, the ‘Security Tour France’ team are excited to begin their journey – spearheading an innovative concept within the security sector that brings solutions directly to people’s doorsteps.
“It is incredible to be involved in a road trip experience like this with a brilliant team of experts in their field,” says Robin Hughes, Sales Director, Secure Logiq. “No manufacturer in our business has ever done a trip like this before and with each site visit and demonstration, we hope to make a lasting impression on our customers.”

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