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Cathexis – CathexisVision Upgrades

by Benchmark
CathexisVision is an advanced, flexible and cost-effective video management solution that delivers the highest levels of security, safety and return on clients’ investment. A previous winner of the Benchmark Innovation Awards, Cathexis has upgraded its software to deliver more advanced features designed to meet today’s security and safety requirements.

The upgrades include improved search and filtering capabilities, the introduction of object classification, and functions specifically designed to help implement a COVID-secure site.

The search capabilities of CathexisVision include motion search, snap search and activity trails. These advanced options supplement the more traditional approaches, such as using the timeline or time and date. Basic searches, where a location and time are known, can make use of the timeline in the playback screen. This is simply dragged to find footage, and start and end points can be set to identify a time window. The timeline also includes identifiers for motion-based activations.

Motion Search can be accessed from the playback screen, and uses stored metadata. The advantage of this is that searches are faster and more accurate. The operator simply selects the region of interest in the camera scene and starts the search. Results are then flagged in the timeline.

Snap Search allows the interrogation of captured data through the use of snapshots or thumbnails. It presents a series of still images throughout a defined time window, which can then be used when searching for an incident.

Activity Trails are ideal for searching in scenes where activity is not expected, such as sterile zones. It displays a time-stamped, colour-coded overlay on the recorded scene, highlighting the ‘trail’ of any motion. The colour coding relates to time windows. When the operator clicks on the highlighted area, the linked footage is shown.

The CathexisVision Alarm Management Gateway allows the remote management of alarms, events and incidents. In addition to enabling operators to respond to predefined events, it can be used to aid searches, filtering incidents or system alerts. This enhances efficiency in larger sites, allowing a variety of inputs to be processed.

Through the use of AI-enabled object classification, the latest version of CathexisVision can significantly increase the chances of finding relevant footage. Object classification works by identifying objects in the video stream: people, vehicles or animals. Even with minimal information about the time of the incident, an operator can implement a search which only highlights video that includes the defined objects. For example, if a search for people is instigated, a car entering a site will be filtered out, but any footage including people will be presented.

When combined with other methods of searching, object classification offers operators significant benefits. For example, combining a localised motion search with object classification would highlight video clips in which a person exited or entered a specific doorway. Object classification applies an additional filter which enhances the accuracy of searches, enabling the operator to be more efficient when dealing with incidents.

Social distancing remains a key step in lowering the risk of Covid-19 transmission among people, but for many businesses and organisations, implementing it remains a significant challenge. By utilising the latest functionality in CathexisVision, the software tracks activity in protected spaces using people proximity analytics, automatically identifying situations where people are closer than the stipulated distance. The VMS also includes mask detection and displays real-time, informative overlays and alerts. The overlays are fully customisable and can include instructions for operators. Additionally, Cathexis has worked closely with leading manufacturers to allow the integration of temperature alert capabilities with CathexisVision.

Through these upgrades, CathexisVision continues to offer clients a powerful, effective video surveillance solution developed to address the unique challenges of the security sector.


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