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Cathexis and Herta offer Facial Recognition seminar

by Benchmark

Cathexis, in partnership with Herta, has developed an integration solution between the Herta Facial Recognition software and the CathexisVision video management software. This integration enables CathexisVision to receive information on facial recognition events directly from the Herta software.

When a facial recognition event has been detected, the user can define a range of actions. To enhance the options available for users, several detected faces can be allocated to a group for triggering customised actions. Actions include recording or controlling cameras, sending emails and SMS notifications, playing audio clips, and sending alarms to control rooms. The integration can trigger events on specific integration devices or virtual inputs.

Facial recognition events can be stored in a metadatabase, linked to the associated footage within CathexisVision. Advanced filters allow users to search the database according to various categories.

This integration increases the value of your video surveillance solution by combining advanced software and facial recognition technology.

Attend the EMEA/APAC Webinar (10am CET)

Attend the USA Webinar (6pm CET / 9am PST)


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