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Video Solutions Winner: CATHEXIS

by Benchmark

CathexisVision 2020 has been designed to enhance performance and user experience. It dramatically reduces false alarms and provides accurate information for users who rely on event triggers to make informed decisions. This is achieved through the addition of Object Classification algorithms, which use sophisticated Neural Network technology. These algorithms allow use of an additional rule in the decision-making process, only triggering events if the detected object is of a pre-determined type, for example person, vehicle or animal.

The advanced algorithms allow users to precisely identify objects, and events, in an area and act decisively. The continuous object classification AI algorithm builds a database, which enables users to perform an Object Search on recorded video, for example searching for all red cars in a defined area within the previous week.

The software also enables greater control over the metadatabase, which stores third party system data for integrations. Scheduled metadatabase reporting allows users to create and edit reports, as well as search the metadatabase to extract information. Extended filtering has been added to scheduled metadatabase reports, which enhances the reporting process, making it more powerful.

CathexisVision 2020 provides complete management of the recording space and maximum protection of data. Through video ageing, the software reduces the space used, so more recordings can be stored. The feature allows video footage in one database to be transcoded, in a reduced size, and stored for a longer time in a second database.

Cathexis offers the option of securing data privacy by destroying information when no longer needed. Optional database shredding enables permanently destroying video older than the user-defined recording limit.

The 2020 software is easy-to-use and includes a Camera Wizard. It explains all the steps needed to add a camera, as well as allowing the creation of databases, schedules, and events. The wizard also supports configuration of camera access rights.

Users can quickly add motion recording to cameras or groups of cameras through the use of the motion recording feature. This includes some advanced settings (like flare and noise reduction), but does not replace the advanced video analytics and event management system, which remains in place for more sophisticated configurations.

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