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Video Solutions Runner-Up: MILESTONE

by Benchmark

Milestone Systems has delivered several new features and capabilities in XProtect 2020, and extended the functionality of online services, enabling its partners to implement innovative video analytics and AI applications.

With XProtect Smart Client desktop notifications for alarms, operators can receive pop-up notifications whenever an alarm is triggered, even if the Smart client is minimised. The notification can be customised to cover prioritised alarms, making these more visible to the operator. With a single click, the operator is directed to a separate window displaying the alarm details and associated video recording, enabling them to take immediate action.

XProtect 2020 offers better support for the devices integrated to the VMS through ONVIF. The camera can be configured directly from the VMS. Moreover, the device network settings (IP addresses, subnet masks, default gateways) can also be configured in the VMS for existing ONVIF-compliant devices.

A centralised search feature makes it easy to find a specific incident by aggregating all data types registered on the VMS. Operators can include XProtect License Plate Recognition data in their search, allowing them to connect video content with a specific vehicle. The solution also integrates Axis network video cameras with several license plate recognition applications.
The MIP SDK in the XProtect VMS has been extended with a Video Processing Service driver, and a toolkit and sample code for building a Video Processing Service using the Gstreamer framework. This is a more flexible way of enabling AI, video analytics and machine learning in conjunction with XProtect VMS. It enables Technology Partners to create advanced and efficient hardware-accelerated video processing integrations utilising the newest video processing technologies.

With Gstreamer as the foundation for the leading players in video processing, the Video Processing Service driver enables Technology Partners to embrace industry standards. This initiative also unlocks the possibility to develop applications in Linux using industry standards.

Other new features in Milestone XProtect 2020 include a notification manager in the Customer Dashboard and an online documentation portal.

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