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Access Solutions Winner: PAXTON

by Benchmark

The Paxton10 solution has been designed to deliver an integrated and flexible system which is cost-effective and easy to install. The integration of access control and video surveillance makes a lot of sense in a wide range of applications. The data captured by both solutions can be mined for a depth of useful information, ensuring the protection of people and property is enhanced whilst also delivering valuable insights which add value to a range of processes such as building management, process control, business intelligence, etc..

Paxton10, a purpose-built integrated smart solution designed to provide high quality protection to businesses and organisations, whilst also delivering added value to ensure the system offers a genuine and tangible return on investment.

At the heart of the system is the Paxton10 server, which is the hub for the entire system. The server manages the data and the graphical user interface, and as such it remains the point of control for the user and the configuration device for integrators.

The server does not require any configuration or specialised or dedicated devices. There is no need to install software nor implement (or pay for) licenses. The server sits on the network and communicates with the various controllers and system elements. It offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing customers to manage their system through a PC, Mac or Linux platform, and connectivity with the Paxton10 server is via a standard web browser (Google Chrome and Safari browsers are supported).

There are two types of controllers for Paxton10 systems: door controllers and video controllers. The server allows up to 1,000 of each type to be supported. While the two controllers are not interchangeable, they do use the same form factor, making upgrades simpler by minimising the need to change enclosures.

Each door controller manages a single door, and can also be enhanced by Paxton10 connectors which enable additional functionality, such as handling alarms or trigger inputs. The controllers include an additional input/output, and feature distributed intelligence, ensuring continuity of performance even if there is a network outage. Paxton10 door controllers can be used with three Paxton10 readers: a keypad-based reader, a slimline reader and a vandal resistant reader.

All of the units support Paxton, MIFARE, HID Prox, EM, FeliCa, NFC and DESFire credentials, and make use of an encrypted RS485 connection with the controller. The readers also support Bluetooth connectivity to enable the use of smart devices as credentials.

Where wireless door lock are required, the PaxLock Pro is available in a Paxton10 compatible format, and for visitor management, Paxton10 is fully compatible with Paxton’s Entry range of door entry products.

For sites transitioning from Net2 to Paxton10, there is a Paxton10 reader convertor unit.

The Paxton10 Video Controller allows legacy cameras to be added to the system. Each video controller can support a single door for access control along with three connectors: it provides the functionality of a door controller unit, but also includes management and storage for up to four third-party cameras. Hard drives are added to the controller to facilitate archiving; up to two drives can be added to allow RAID 1 configuration.

An alternative to the Video Controller is Paxton10 cameras. Available in either bullet or static dome formats, the cameras are embedded with Paxton10 VMS software, meaning all video management takes place in the cameras.

Paxton10 makes use of intuitive controls, using intelligent software and two smart apps: Paxton Connect and Paxton Key. Paxton Connect offers mobile-based site management, and enables system configuration and management, real-time reports and control of devices.

Paxton Key allows users to replace traditional credentials with a smartphone, smartwatch or tablet device., which can be used for access control, making use of the Bluetooth connectivity integral to all Paxton10 readers.

The core management tool is the Paxton10 software which runs on the Paxton10 server. Designed to offer an intuitive user experience, the GUI makes use of customisable dashboards. These can be created via drag-and-drop interfaces and enable a mix of video feeds, access control data, site maps, real-time reports and additional widgets.

Paxton10 makes use of widgets to provide additional functionality, allowing a high degree of customisation for the end user. Widgets can provide site status information, pop-up images of card holders to allow visual verification by an operator, switch and control peripheral devices, etc.. Individual users can save their dashboards as a favourite, and it will become the initial screen displayed whenever they log in.

Paxton is also looking to expand the building automation options, and in the near future Paxton10 will also support Active Directory, BACnet and Z-Wave devices.

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