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Earn rewards with the new Paxton loyalty programme

by Geny Caloisi

The Paxton Installer app has been upgraded to include a new rewards programme that will unlock benefits and develop new business opportunities for Paxton installers – as well as enable them to earn great rewards.

Since it was first introduced to the market, the free Paxton Installer app has proven to be a worthy addition to the installer’s toolkit; providing quick and easy access to product specs and technical information and support, plus anything else that installer could need on-site such as troubleshooting tips. However, Paxton has always had the approach of being a company that uses smart technology with their products and service offering. It has taken advantage of the most recent app developments to upgrade the Paxton Installer app to expand its capabilities and reach, with some notable new benefits.

Speaking about the new developments, Gareth O’Hara, Paxton’s Chief Sales Officer told Benchmark: “The original Paxton Registered Installer Scheme was quite popular with our UK installers, so we wanted to expand it to our global installer base and bring them the same, and even upgraded, benefits.  Due to smartphone technology, we have the opportunity with the tools available to deliver what will be seen as a simple-to-use, loyalty programme that matches the expectation of our customer base.”

The established platform

The Paxton Installer app was launched three years ago and has so far been downloaded by over 25,000 users globally, achieving a consistent 4.9 out of 5-star rating by its users. It validated that the app was deemed useful by installers and therefore could be seen as the right platform, to introduce a loyalty programme as well as the other features that it provides. The next step was developing a programme that appropriately rewards customers for choosing Paxton over the other brands that are available in the market.

“We have strived to make the rewards programme as simple as possible,” says Gareth. “All installers need to do is scan the silver barcode on the product. If they forget to scan the code at any point, they can enter the serial number at a later date or utilise the batch registration feature in our Net2 software.”

Having a barcode on the product makes it simple for installers to collect points and removes any problems associated with where the item was purchased from. This was essential because the aim of the programme is to reward the installers for their decision to use Paxton products and not restrict their buying options with distributors. However, it is not just the purchasing of Paxton technology that leads to rewards.

“Other than scanning Paxton products, installers can attend training sessions or complete other activities to earn points,” explains Gareth. “We are huge believers in education and the provision of free training, so when people come to training, they will get points. Also, if they do a fantastic installation that they want to promote via a case study, and submit it to Paxton, they will get points too. So, the programme is not just about purchasing Paxton products, it is also about development through training and education, putting themselves in the shop window with case studies and being a true partner with us.”

What do points mean?

Any points awarded through the programme can be used on a wide range of items such as branded merchandise (hoodies, tools, flasks etc) or installers could use their points in exchange for more Paxton products which might provide a commercial advantage in certain situations. Alternatively, customers might want to save up their points for Amazon vouchers. 

“The good thing about the rewards programme is that no matter what size of a company you represent, you can take part,” says Gareth. “If you are a sole trader you can save up your own points but if you work for a larger business, you can put the app into shared mode, which enables all the people in the company to generate points together.”

What do installers need to do now?

The Registered Installer Scheme has been replaced by the new and improved Paxton Rewards programme. Installers with existing points will have them converted automatically. Paxton Rewards has different points values for scanning products, so when installers first login they will see their new points total.

New installers can download the Paxton Installer app and complete the sign-up process to become a rewards partner. They can then scan their first product to begin collecting points.

So, what would Gareth save his points up for? “I do really like some of the merchandise that we’ve got available,” he reveals. “But as I am always looking for anything that I can do to add value to my customers and create an advantage in the marketplace, if I were an installer, I would look to redeem my points on Paxton products.”

Find out more about the new Paxton loyalty programme here

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