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Valerus from Vicon Security is a fully featured VMS (video management system) which has been designed for ease of use, making it more efficient for customers seeking to leverage the full power of their investment in video surveillance. The VMS boasts a wide range of powerful features to ensure the highest levels of protection, improved response times to incidents and events, faster and accurate forensic searches, and reduced ongoing costs.

Valerus has a strong focus on the use of an intuitive GUI, ensuring operators can easily navigate through the software and maintain control of the functionality. Ease of use is important when operators are under stress during an alarm event, and Valerus has been designed to allow use of a familiar web-based interface.

To ensure ease of configuration and support for a wide range of new and legacy devices, Valerus is constructed to deliver a standards-based true open-platform philosophy. This ensures end users do not find themselves tied in to the use of a single brand system, or with limited options when it comes to edge devices.

Valerus is available in three versions – Core, Pro and Enterprise – so it meets the needs of any site, whether it has a requirement for a standalone system or a multi-site solution with advanced capabilities. There are no support fees or recurring costs, and licensing is simple.


Valerus delivers a depth of features and functions to ensure all security needs are met. These include flexible options for live monitoring, centralised management of systems, including multi-site solutions, and high-performance video recording.
The VMS makes use of AI-driven analytics, ensuring that incidents are not missed. The flexibility on offer not only provides class-leading levels of security, but can deliver benefits with regard to business intelligence, enhancing the return on investment for users.

Valerus SmartAction delivers real-time alerts which ensure operators are notified of alarm events, and programmed actions can be instigated by the VMS. Valerus SmartSearch uses AI-based algorithms to quickly and accurately find matches across the video database. This ensure forensic searches are efficient and fast, allowing operators to take action and assess events with ease. Valerus Business Intelligence enables users to leverage the data gathered by the system, formulating reports which assist in business management and allow accurate trend predictions to be made.

Interactive mapping can be used to help operators make sense of sites and camera layouts, enabling them to visualise settings, even if the location is on another facility or in another country. The maps improve response time by delivering notifications of alarms and events, and operators can open screens to watch live or recorded video from the map itself.

Valerus offers deep integration with VAX Access Control, creating a complete security solution. Video can be linked with access control transactions, allowing operators to visually verify users and visitors, and investigate any exceptions or policy breaches.


Valerus has been designed to deliver compliance with cybersecurity policies, keeping the network and its data safe. Failover technology and server redundancy protect against downtime, HTTPS and SSL support ensures connections are secure, and complex password policies can be added to meet corporate compliance needs.


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