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Unit5 launches bay monitoring solution

by Geny Caloisi

Unity5, a provider of the innovative Zatpark Platform,  a comprehensive and fully flexible parking and environmental enforcement management solution,  has released its Bay Monitoring solution

Unity5’s Bay Monitoring spearheads the bay enforcement operations arena offering a cloud-first smart city technology solution.

By choosing to partner with Unity5, organisations cannot only protect revenue and enhance efficiency but also ensure compliance and deliver superior services to their communities, reaping the benefits of our advanced solutions.

Unity5 Bay Monitoring is seamlessly integrated with an end-to-end parking management software that manages contraventions from initial capture through ticket issuance, appeals, and debt resolution. This integration is powered by Zatpark’s unique node flow process mapping tool.

This tool maps, mirrors, and automates specific parking policies and rules down to each individual site managed, providing the appropriate level of proactive bay enforcement for every location or situational need.

Bay Monitoring Features

Unity5 Bay Monitoring provides 24/7 real-time occupancy status and automatic enforcement of car parks and reserved parking bays. The solution offers live camera views of parking bays and up-to-the-minute time records of the length of stay for each vehicle.

For managers of smaller car parks or remote bays, Unity5’s latest smart bay monitoring technology enables automatic enforcement in spaces where traditional ANPR cameras may be too costly to install.

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