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Hikvision uses ZatPark for EV Violation Detection Solution

by Geny Caloisi

Electrical Vehicle adoption is on the rise, and with it, new requirements for charging mean that parking restrictions have to be obeyed. There are specific types of EV violations, such as unauthorised parking, improper use of EV charging stations, illegal access to restricted areas, or any other infringement specific to EVs.

Implementing an EV violation detection solution may require collaboration between government agencies, law enforcement, parking authorities, and relevant stakeholders to ensure effective enforcement and regulatory compliance.

To smooth this process, Hikvision uses ZatPark software as a service (Saa). Zatpark, developed by Unity5 Limited,  offers advanced features to control the parking enforcement life cycle completely.

Measures to detect EV violations

Deploying an LPR system that can capture the license plate information of vehicles, including EVs, as soon as they enter the car park. Registered vehicles can be linked to automatic barriers, and entry and exit records can be made available for search and reports.

Non-registered vehicles or vehicles on a barred list t can trigger an alarm, leaving the barriers closed.

It’s advisable to integrate the LPR system with a comprehensive database that contains information about registered EVs, their owners, and relevant data such as registration status, insurance, and vehicle identification numbers (VINs).

Recognising patterns

Identifying patterns and potential violations can help to engineer a better use of the parking facilities. This can be done using machine learning algorithms to detect violations based on predefined rules and patterns automatically. The system should be able to differentiate between legitimate and unauthorised EV activities.

The next step would be to guide drivers by using LED light indicators connected to the surveillance system. For instance, green can be for available bays and red for fully-occupied bays. With Hikvision’s HikCentral, seven different LED colours are available and fully programmable.

Using Hikvison’s solution, owners can visualise the whole floor plan with parking records on each bay, including number plate, parking time and duration.

Car park operator violation handling procedure

Video cameras should be installed strategically to capture visual evidence of violations. However, the effort is futile unless these cameras are integrated with a platform that can establish the rules on EV violation to provide additional data for analysis and investigation.

One common rule is to give a tolerance time limit, often 10 minutes, before the infraction is registered. Using Hikvision’s solution, HikCentral sends the evidence to ZatPark, if the same vehicle remains in the bay over the violation period. ZatPark will combine the evidence on the time and date the car first entered the bay and when the time limit has been reached. The operator can then quickly send out tickets with strong evidence.

EV violation detection systems must be regularly maintained, updated, and tested to meet evolving regulations and technological advancements. With HikCentral’s remote access, this is done efficiently and quickly.

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