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Vemotion’s VB-200 ups the game for secret surveillance operations

by Geny Caloisi

Vemotion’s VB-200 highly compact, two-channel HD video encoder and recorder has been designed explicitly for discreet installations that require a powerful enough capacity to encode more than one camera efficiently.

The new VB-200 is one of the finalists at the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2022 in the Network and Connectivity category. The device provides two simultaneous HD video (1920 x 1080) output streams from one or more connected cameras delivering ultra-low latency, high-resolution live streaming HD video transmission over GPRS, 3G, 4GLTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks.

Steve Haworth, Vemotion Interactive Limited CEO, says, “Our customers for the VB-200 are mostly using it for covert surveillance, although the size and weight also make it a good option whenever space or weight is a limiting factor, with drones, for example. The unit can transcode the video from discreet cameras connected either by USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi and send live, high-quality video footage to remote monitoring, using either Vemotions’ viewer or integrated into Command and Control or video management systems. This real-time information gives visual intelligence for active operations, and recording can be used for evidential purposes.”

The VB-200 has the size of an external hard drive (93.5mm x 82mm x 20mm) and can provide close-up monitoring of any defined aspect of a scene. In conjunction with digital and optical PTZ, areas of a specific scene of interest can be simultaneously monitored to reveal enhanced detail. In addition, the VB-200 can operate at extreme temperatures, ranging from -10 to 60.

Video from the VB-200 can be streamed live or recorded on board, replayed, and downloaded remotely via the Vemotion Viewer, Vemotion App (on an Android smartphone), or popular VMS platforms. Live video is time/date stamped and can be synced to a server to be used for evidential purposes.

Vemotion’s VB-26 is the predecessor of the VB-200. The new model comes with no fan to make it more discreet, running silently and reducing the product’s price point.

“Adding the VB-200 to existing infrastructure is easy; it requires no specialised SIM cards and reduces usage costs by delivering multistream video data without needing expensive airtime charges,” points out Haworth.

Able to provide discreet surveillance around the globe, this type of product is best suited for Government agencies, the military, and police forces. 

Haworth concludes, “We developed the VB-200 to help protect people, assets and infrastructure, by providing visual intelligence whenever and wherever it is needed. By improving situational awareness and providing evidential recordings, we ensure operations are more successful and reduce the risk to life.”

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