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Vodafone launches Lookout Mobile Security

by Benchmark

Vodafone has launched Lookout Mobile Security, a threat detection service to protect businesses and their employees from application, network, device and phishing attacks via mobile devices. It has been reported that cyber-attacks have already increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, and with the majority of UK employees currently working at home, maintaining robust levels of security is essential for all businesses.

Vodafone is offering the first three months of any Lookout Mobile Security subscription free of charge.

Lookout Mobile Security protects businesses from application threats, alerting users to malicious apps that seek to steal sensitive business or personal data, as well as identifying insecure apps that breach company policies or compliance requirements.

It also assesses network threats and sends an alert to users if they are about to join an unencrypted network.
Device threat assessment notifies users about operating system vulnerabilities, such as out-of-date software or the lack of password protection. Web management alerts users to phishing attempts from browsers, email and SMS messages.
Users can tailor the level of service they require, so only pay for the protection they need.

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