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Wave XS offers Touch-Free Access

by Benchmark

Wave XS from Salto is a smart, reliable access control solution with a touchless button that permits easy and clean operation for a large number of activator devices. Upgrading to touchless access control allows for hands-free entry, eliminating the need to make contact with common touchpoints upon entry, creating a more hygienic environment for users.

Depending on the configuration, the reader’s capacitive technology can sense hand gestures. All the user has to do is approach the door and their hand activates the door to open, which makes for simple operation and eliminates the need to touch any surface.

With the standard reader range, it is possible to install hands-free automatic door opening hardware on an existing electrified door to eliminate touchpoints and promote a touchless, disability compliant workplace. The solution can also be integrated with the Systems Controller (CU) product range which delivers seamless integrations with lifts, turnstiles and parking garages to further reduce touchpoints throughout a building.

Contactless push-button technology has advanced in recent years, with devices activated by proximity using microwave, infrared and laser sensors.


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