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12 to Try: Locking Systems

by Benchmark

Benchmark looks at 12 products and systems of interest for security installers and system integrators involved in the delivery of managed and secure locking systems.

Paxton: Net2 PaxLock

The Net2 system from Paxton includes the PaxLock, a wireless access control reader housed within a slimline door handle. The battery powered PaxLock can support a standard Euro profile lock case as well as 125KHz Paxton RFID credentials or 13.56MHz Mifare credentials. The unit is fully compatible with Net2 software (version 4.23 or higher).

Suitable for internal doors, the lock is powered from four AA cells and battery life is quoted as 30,000 operations in normal mode, or 60,000 operations in low power mode. This equates to between two and three years operation on one set of batteries. A low battery warning is signalled to ensure that the user is aware of power conditions. Should the batteries run flat the door can be operated using a 9 volt battery via contacts on the secure side of the door. If a key over-ride is included, this can also be used.

The lock fascia contains a button which needs to be pressed in order to wake the unit to read a valid token.

The lock stays in contact with the central server, so it remains updated and will continue to operate if offline. When the network is restored and a valid card is used, this instigates an update.

The PaxLock is wireless, and communicates with the Net2 server using Ethernet or USB bridges.

Spica: Door Cloud

Door Cloud is a cloud-based access control system which uses a hardware rental model to deliver a scaleable and flexible solution to end users. Door Cloud takes the servers and application services into the cloud, where they are utilised by installers and integrators, enabling them to offer access control as a service to their customers.

For the user, there are two major benefits: lower cost of ownership due to lesser initial investment and organisational needs, and a higher quality of service as the system is run by the supplier.
Door Cloud’s controller platform is Spica’s range of modular Zone IP and I/O devices. Having both software and hardware coming from the same source allows Spica to venture into new business models, such as controller rental.

Door Cloud can work with wide range of readers supported by the Zone Door I/O devices. Door Cloud is reader-agnostic. Biometric readers can be integrated as direct replacement for card readers.

The Door Cloud smartphone app uses microlocation features to select the access point (a door) and perform the user identification.

Cisa: eSigno

CISA eSIGNO is an electronic contactless lock and the latest addition to the range of security solutions specially designed for the hospitality industry. The lock is fully wireless and so requires no cabling, making it simple to install with minimal downtime or disruption.

Its features make it simple to install when replacing existing systems (even with work in progress). It can also be used to add access control to doors that do not have power or cabling in place.

The locks can be installed on steel fire doors following DIN specifications, using an adaptor which is concealed under the external plate.

Assa Abloy: Aperio

Aperio is a wireless door lock solution that has been designed to be quick and easy to install. The wireless locks can be operated with the same access cards that customers use for their existing access control systems.

The series of locks includes a wide range of high security, certified battery-powered locks for many different applications. By nature of their design, Aperio locks reduce energy costs, lower maintenance requirements and allow additional doors to be integrated with a solution in a cost-effective manner.

The system simplifies the process of connecting more doors to a legacy access control system and addresses concerns over lost keys that traditionally plague mechanical door locks. It is also possible to install electronic locks in a matter of minutes whilst also reducing energy consumption by up to 76 per cent and maintenance costs by up to 67 per cent, according to the manufacturer.

The locks are powered by batteries with an expected operational life of around two years between replacements.

Fermax: Lock Release Range

Fermax offers a wide range of lock releases built to high standards, making them suitable for access control and managed locking systems. The releases are available in flush- and surface mount variants.

The MOD.410N-412 MAX model is a symmetrical device, allowing the installer or integrator to change hands while maintaining the body symmetry. It is available as a normal type 12V DC. The release is unlocked for the 12V DC voltage duration. It includes an adjustable latch, allowing a perfect fit between latch and deadbolt in the lock, with a 4mm margin.

The lock releases are supplied with a 24 month warranty.

Simons Voss: SmartIntego

SmartIntego comprises a range of products including locking cylinders, smart handles, PIN code terminals, padlocks and gateway nodes. Using high-performance communications protocols, SmartIntego can be seamlessly incorporated into existing control systems for building technology.

System component auto-configuration via the SmartIntego Manager software ensures that there is far less work involved in component integration compared to other systems.

The scope of services and features on offer match the expectations which today’s building operators have of innovative solutions for digital locking and access control systems. The system makes use of 868 MHz technology, delivering interference-free radio network coverage, according to the manufacturer.

The SmartIntego product range supports many established card formats such as MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE DESFire/EV1, Calypso CSN, ISO 7816-4 Elementary File and UID (CSN) as per ISO 14443 in conjunction with MIFARE, Legic Advant and HID iClass.

The SmartHandle, cylinder and padlock are able to communicate with the access control system in offline mode via a ‘virtual network’ using a smart card as an identification medium. The smart cards can be read, but can also be written. This allows data transfer between the access control system and SmartIntego locking media to forward security-relevant information such as access rights, blacklists, battery status and physical access lists for each locking operation.

Inner Range: Gym Integration

Inner Range’s Infiniti system deliver advanced access control and intruder detection functionalities, but is also integrated with a variety of leading gym and health club membership software packages. This allows membership-based companies and organisations to select a solution that delivers everyday benefits to their operations.

Using a single synchronised database means members can be added via the gym software, which will automatically synchronise with the access control database.

Door access can be managed on a member-by-member basis, for example allowing entry to classes or access to lockers. Any events are reported back to the gym membership software, allowing the user to see who has accessed what doors at what times, who has been denied access and even know how many members are in the gym at any given time.

As the gym management software allows control over the access control permissions of members, staff only need to use the gym membership software package.

Site management processes are more efficient, saving time and reducing costs. In addition, gym owners can easily identify unauthorised or illegal door access, such as members sharing access cards with non-members.

CDVI: SDA Series

The SDA Series is a high quality electric lock from CDVI. It is a double action lock, making it suitable for swing doors. Available in fail secure or fail safe versions, the lock has provision for a euro-cylinder (not supplied) which allows manual override. With a choice of backset options, the SDA electric lock is a flexible device that can suit a wide range of access control requirements.

The SDA locks are manufactured from high grade stainless steel, and supplied with optional faceplates to suit most single and double action doors. The backset options are 25mm, 30mm or 35mm.

The unit operates using a 12V DC power source, consuming 255mA in failsafe mode and 320mA in fail-secure mode.

Lock status output is included as standard, allowing the device to signal if the lock is engaged or not.

The lock is rated to IP53. SDA locks have a 5 year warranty.

Abloy: CLIQ

The CLIQ system from Abloy UK seamlessly integrates electronic and mechanical locking technologies to create a more secure solution, combined with ease of use and management. Using patented rotating disc cylinder mechanisms, the platform delivers a high degree of mechanical security.

The CLIQ system has been developed specifically to meet the needs of businesses and organisations with a need for dynamic locking. As a result, CLIQ technology delivers a high degree of flexibility when it comes to the control of keys, access rights and status reporting.

The transfer of data between the various system components is secured using high level encryption.
Individual access rights can be based upon a variety of criteria. Time schedules can be created for each authorised user, whether temporary visitors or permanently at the site. A single key can be set to only allow access to the specific areas the holder has authorisation to enter. Access rights can be set specifically for the user, even down to periods comprising a few minutes. This ensures that lost or non-returned keys do not create a security risk as the access rights automatically expire.

Using the CLIQ Connect system, the right of access is be verified at the point of opening.

The system also supports a real time audit trail, increasing security and efficiency, as it can be utilised in areas such as process and workflow management.


ZLock from PCSC is an integrated real-time access control system specifically designed for demanding applications. It is designed to provide high levels of reliability, incorporated with patented fault-tolerant architecture and managed by LiNC-NXG software.

The ZLock system incorporates door management, employee access management, video surveillance integrations, graphic alarm management and photo ID badging in one integrated package.

ZLock is an online system and therefore enables users to manage and monitor visitor and employee access from a remote computer without the need to check individual controllers.

The LiNC-NXG software provides the ability to integrate with a property management system (PMS), providing a seamless interface. Visitors and employees can be granted access to assigned doors, floors and common areas without any intervention.

The generation of reports is simplified, as is programming system parameters and setting up access privileges for employees, contractors and vendors.

Doors are equipped with the wireless ZLock, an ALV2 lock with a door module utilising custom-designed firmware. The door module enclosure contains the wireless components including the PCB, wireless module and battery box. The door module is mounted just above the lock on the secure side of the door.

Because ZLock is an online system it allows improved security via real-time card cancellation, alerts, reports and tracking. It also offers improved system services and operational effectiveness, delivering notifications of battery condition, service events, status reports from locks, etc..

System monitoring and customisable reports are also available.

ZLock’s wireless technology makes use of the DigiMesh network, a cost-effective communication backbone that runs over existing Ethernet networks. The hardware for the ZLock system is built upon fault tolerant architecture which delivers a degree of redundancy. The system also offers cost-effective installation due to minimal wiring and is easy to retrofit using a separate module.

Mul-T-Lock: ENTR

ENTR is an intelligent locking solution that offers a key-free solution for residential applications. It appeals to lifestyle customers by transforming a front door into a smart door. Users can gain access via a smartphone or tablet, fingerprint reader, touchpad or remote control device.

The lock makes use of a mechanical cylinder as with traditional locks, but with the added convenience of advanced technology, providing convenience.

The ENTR app can lock and unlock the door from any Bluetooth-enabled device with encrypted Bluetooth smart technology. This means the lock isn’t dependent on network reception. Up to 20 different virtual keys can be established and the user can change or delete these directly from the app.

An ENTR remote control device enables door control from a distance whether inside or outside the property. The system can support up to 20 remote controls, making it ideal for those with limited mobility.

The lock can also be used with a PIN code pad or a fingerprint reader. Each supports up to 20 users.

Codelocks: CL5510

The CL5510 can be operated via a code, card or smartphone using the K3 Connect App. The lock makes access control easier, offering flexibility and convenience by providing a range of entry methods.

It utilises wireless technology to give the ability to program locks via a smartphone, generate and send entry codes for easy access and issue smart cards for alternative entry.

The smart lock supports up to 350 users, with 100 client user codes, 100 phone clients and 150 client smart cards as an alternative entry option.

By installing the K3 Connect App, all aspects of the lock can be managed, including updating basic settings to creating multiple individual access periods. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Entry can be controlled and monitored using NetCodes, which are generated and sent via email or SMS. The codes are created with specific start dates and times and automatically expire after a set duration.

Audit trails allow users to log when and where the lock was accessed. The full lock audit trail data can be downloaded.

The CL5510 can also be set in code-free mode when open access is required.

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