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A simple lock or extensive access system

by Benchmark

Everyone uses a lock, this is a well-known fact. From front doors to back doors and gates, locks are around us, with many not paying much attention to them. They may be simple locks fitted by a traditional locksmith, or a more elaborated electric lock offering the option to monitor access remotely.

Finding the right locking solution

What becomes important when choosing a lock is to pick the right one for the right door or gate. Here are three application examples to make sure the right product goes in the right place.

First, you might need a lock allowing entrance to a hospital room. In this case you would need a lock appropriate for installation in a sterile environment. The CDVI’s WR Series offers this. The weatherproof and dustproof strike features a gasket seal and a manual hold-open function, making it ideal for external or internal use.

Your project or installation might require a strike allowing developed aesthetics, such as the new CDVI PR Series. This small strike is able to deliver 330kg holding force and 400,000 operations. Its key feature is its radial jaw and special cover plate, allowing the strike to be cut into the frame without a side profile for a perfect installation every time.

Finally, for projects in high security or high traffic environments, the GISIP is the ideal solution. With 750kg holding force and durability of over 500,000 duty cycles, it is the perfect solution for fitment on escape doors.

Choosing the right product

As there are many types of doors, CDVI offers many strikes. There will be a lock in the range compatible with every installation. Whether you require adjustable or radial jaws; right, left or non-handed strikes; monitoring versions providing door status information; AC or DC rated 12-24 Volt devices; there will be an option from CDVI.

Finding the right product is as simple as choosing between the various options, giving installers the flexibility they need for a job well done and durable in the long-term.

Upgrading to the right access control system

Any locking solution has one goal: allow access into a building or facility. Access control systems allow users not only to have a proper locking system but to allow or deny access when needed. The ATRIUM access control system answers this need. Developed with the end user in mind, this web-based access control option features an ergonomic app and software, providing the user with a fast and stable method to control access through one or multiple sites. Controlling up to 500 doors, this fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant system gives users the ability to allow or deny access wherever they are and whenever they want.

To ensure reliable performance with access control systems, all CDVI strikes feature a built-in MOV (metal oxide varistor, avoiding back EMF). Thanks to high-quality strikes and high-performance access control, users can manage access in different environments and unlock doors from anywhere in the world from their access control system.

Moving forward with the right manufacturer

CDVI designs products to fit both the installers’ and the end users’ needs alike. Its UK support team is always ready to help you get the highest quality performance from its products with the minimum fuss.

With free in-house training available, every installer can find and install the right strike or locking solution and upgrade it with an access control solution, offering a full experience to their clients.

For more information, visit the CDVI website.

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